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SAMSurface-to-Air Missile
SAMSequential Access Method
SAMSubstance Abuse Monitoring (various organizations)
SAMSeattle Art Museum
SAMSoftware Asset Management
SAMSales and Marketing (Australia)
SAMSupport and Maintenance (various companies)
SAMSustainable Asset Management
SAMSystem Administration Manager (HP)
SAMSamedi (French: Saturday)
SAMSecurity Accounts Manager (Windows registry)
SAMSystem for Award Management
SAMSecret Agent Man
SAMSenior Account Manager (various companies)
SAMSingapore Art Museum
SAMSomething About Myself (creative achievement reporting)
SAMSecurity Account Manager
SAMSerbia and Montenegro
SAMSimulation and Modeling
SAMStrategic Asset Management
SAMSystem Availability Management (Hewlett Packard)
SAMScience and Mathematics
SAMSveikatos Apsaugos Ministerijos (Lithuanian: Ministry of Emergency Health)
SAMSingle Adult Ministry (various locations)
SAMScience of Advanced Materials (American Scientific Publishers)
SAMServicio de Atención Médica (Spanish: Health Care Service)
SAMShoot Apical Meristem (plants)
SAMSociety for American Music
SAMSoftware and More
SAMSociété Anonyme Monégasque (French: Anonymous Monaco Company; Monaco)
SAMSociety of American Magicians (St. Louis, MO, USA)
SAMSpeed Art Museum (Louisville, KY)
SAMSouth African Museum (Cape Town, South Africa)
SAMSusquehanna Art Museum (Harrisburg, PA)
SAMSchultze Asset Management (George Schultze; Purchase, NY)
SAMSelf-Assessment Module
SAMSystem for Accountability and Management (various organizations)
SAMSemi-Automatic Method
SAMSelf Assembled Monolayer
SAMSession Allocation Manager (software)
SAMSelf-Assembled Monolayer
SAMSterile Alpha Motif
SAMSignificance Analysis of Microarrays
SAMAmiPro (file extension)
SAMSociety for Acute Medicine (UK; est. 2000)
SAMSimply about Music (online radio)
SAMSocial Accounting Matrix
SAMSigma Alpha Mu
SAMSuspicious Activity Monitoring (software)
SAMSoftware Architecture Model
SAMStand Alone Modem
SAMSecurity Accounts Manager
SAMStrategic Systems for Adaptable Metacognition
SAMSmart Atm Module
SAMSyndicated Audio Messaging
SAMService Availability Management
SAMStream Audio Manager
SAMSoftware Access Module
SAMSystem Administration Manager
SAMSample File
SAMStm Access Module
SAMSecurity Access Manager
SAMStorage Archive Manager
SAMScsi Architectural Model
SAMStorage Application Model
SAMSprint Account Manager
SAMScalable Architecture for Multimedia
SAMStorage Access Method
SAMSpeech Aware Multimedia
SAMSpecial Action Model
SAMSoftware Assurance Membership
SAMSystem Assurance Manage
SAMSoftware Access Menu
SAMSystem Adaptability Manager
SAMSimple Access Mode
SAMSymantec Antivirus for Macintosh
SAMSecurity Access Multiport
SAMStorage Area Manager
SAMSuper Absorbent Material
SAMStand Alone Module (various companies)
SAMSelf-Assembled Molecular
SAMStudent Achievement Measures (task force; Colorado)
SAMShared-Appreciation Mortgage
SAMSchool of Aviation Medicine
SAMSevere Acute Malnutrition
SAMSplit and Merge
SAMStrategic Account Manager
SAMSexual Abuse of a Minor
SAMSetup and Maintenance
SAMSahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Earth Malaysia)
SAMSt. Andrews Medical (various locations)
SAMSchool of Aerospace Medicine
SAMSociety for Adolescent Medicine
SAMSpace-Available Mail
SAMSpecial Air Mission
SAMSeminar for Applied Mathematics
SAMSoftware Automatic Mouth (Apple II)
SAMSkype Answering Machine (various companies)
SAMServicing And Maintenance
SAMStorage Area Management
SAMService Account Manager
SAMSystolic Anterior Motion
SAMScheduled Ancient Monument (UK)
SAMSuginami Animation Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
SAMSociety for the Advancement of Management
SAMScanning Auger Microscopy
SAMSerial Access Memory
SAMSupplier Agreement Management
SAMStat-A-Matrix (Edison, NJ)
SAMSouthern Annular Mode (meteorology)
SAMSecure Access Module
SAMSupport Account Manager
SAMSeparate Account Management
SAMSmall Acreage Management (Colorado)
SAMSubsequent Address Message (CCS #7 ITU-T)
SAMSouthwestern At Memphis (now Rhodes College)
SAMSpartanburg Art Museum (Spartanburg, SC)
SAMSound Absorbing Material
SAMStop Annoying Me
SAMSydney Alumni Magazine (University of Sydney; Sydney, Australia)
SAMSagawa Art Museum (Shiga, Japan)
SAMService Availability Management (various companies)
SAMScientific American Medicine
SAMStreaming Audio Manager (software)
SAMSequence Alignment and Modeling
SAMStation for Atmospheric Measurements (meteorology)
SAMSimple Asynchronous Messaging (computing)
SAMSalaire Annuel Moyen (French: Average Annual Salary)
SAMSpectral Angle Mapper
SAMService Associate Member
SAMShimane Art Museum (Japan)
SAMSociedad Aeronáutica de Medellín (airline, Colombia)
SAMStratospheric Aerosol Measurement
SAMSCSI-3 Architecture Model
SAMServed Available Market
SAMStudents At Macquarie (Australia)
SAMServiceable Available Market (marketing)
SAMSpin Angular Momentum (physics)
SAMSoftware Acquisition Management
SAMSystems Acquisition Management
SAMSubsea Accumulator Module (energy exploration)
SAMService Assurance Manager (Smarts)
SAMSearch Asset Management (eXtéres)
SAMSeismic Acoustic Magnetic (US DoD, Test and Evaluation)
SAMSouth Australian Matriculation
SAMSystolic Anterior Movement
SAMSingle Asian Male
SAMSummer Annual Meeting
SAMSymantec Anti-Virus for Macintosh
SAMSaginaw Art Museum (Saginaw, Michigan)
SAMSingle Agency Manager (Pentagon Renovation Project)
SAMSecurity Administration Manager
SAMService Access Multiplexer (Bellcore)
SAMSouth American Office (ICAO)
SAMSmart-Ass Masochist
SAMSandy Area Metro
SAMSite Acquisition Manager
SAMSewer Access Module (robot used to pull fiber through sewers)
SAMSociedad de Arquitectos Mexicanos (Spanish: Society of Mexican Architects; est. 1905)
SAMSpecial Assets Management
SAMSuper Amazing Monkey (wrestling)
SAMSponsored Awards Management
SAMSystem Administrator's Manual
SAMSolutions for Advanced Manufacturing (Canada)
SAMSystem Administration Manual
SAMStaging Area Manager
SAMSpecial Administrative Measure
SAMSystem Administration Module
SAMSelf-Appointed Manager
SAMSouth American Monsoon
SAMStrategically Altered Mutant
SAMSystem Access Module
SAMService Activation Manager (Sigma Systems)
SAMSpecial Attention Meeting
SAMStructural Aluminum Malleable (type of splint)
SAMSelf Adjusting Mattress
SAMSynchronous Access Mode
SAMSolar Advisor Model
SAMSemi-Analytic Model (galactic modeling)
SAMService Availability Matrix (Cisco)
SAMSecurity Authentication Module
SAMStudent Association of Missouri
SAMSingle Accumulator Multiplier (cryptography)
SAMSeparate Absorption Multiplication
SAMSingle-use Authentication Mechanism (IETF, Kerberos)
SAMSystem Assurance Manager (NASA)
SAMSupplemental Assay Method
SAMSpeech-Aware Multimedia
SAMSelf Assembling Material
SAMSuper-Automated Machine (early Sesame Street)
SAMSituation Awareness Mode (radar)
SAMScalable ADSL Modem (Integrated Telcom Express)
SAMSyndicat des Agences de Mannequins (French: Union of Model Agencies)
SAMSprint Account Manager (Sprint)
SAMSupport Agreement Manager
SAMSun and Aureole Measurement
SAMSt. Albans Museum
SAMSubscriber Access Multiplexer
SAMSelf Automated Machine
SAMSearch Area Map (search and rescue operations)
SAMStatus Activity Monitor
SAMSmall Angle Maneuver
SAMSoldier Assignment Module
SAMSystem Available Memory
SAMStratospheric Aerosol Monitor
SAMStrategic Alignment Management
SAMSynchronous Address Multiplexor
SAMStandard Analysis Method
SAMSolent Advanced Motorcyclists (UK)
SAMSesame Access Manager
SAMService Automation Module (Opsware)
SAMSpecialized Aircraft Maintenance
SAMSub-Array Module
SAMStatus of Acquisition Message
SAMStratified Anisotropic Media
SAMStupid Ass Meeting
SAMSmall Aperture Module (laser)
SAMScientific Archive Management
SAMSociaal Actieve Mensen
SAMSalary Administration Manual
SAMStedelijke Adviesraad Multiculturele Stad Den Haag
SAMShallow Angle Metallization
SAMSynchronous/Asynchronous Multiplexer
SAMStockage for Availability Method
SAMStudent Assessment and Measurement
SAMSensor Arrays and Multichannel Signal Processing
SAMShort-Action Magnum (ammunition)
SAMSite Availability Mode
SAMStandard Allowable Minutes
SAMService Activation Meeting
SAMStandards Appenninici e Mediterranei (Italy)
SAMSuper-rate Adapter Module (Newbridge)
SAMSleep/Activity Monitor
SAMSpace-Viewing Analog-Electronic Module
SAMScoping and Mobilisation
SAMServing Area Multiplex Sites
SAMSeeds Against Malnutrition
SAMSmall Alarm Manager (Fibercorp)
SAMSum of Available Market
SAMStudent Affairs Monitor
SAMSegment Access Manager
SAMSavannah, Americus and Montgomery Railroad Company
SAMStaff Action Memorandum
SAMScript Applicator Mechanism
SAMSetup And Maintenance application
SAMService Adaptation Module (Tachion)
SAMSystem Assimilation Mercator (French)
SAMScanning Acoustic Microscopy/Microscope
SAMSurveillance/Systems Analysis Model
SAMSouthern Aussie Muscle (car club: New Zealand)
SAMSprint Access Management (Sprint)
SAMSystems Activity Model
SAMSociedad Ambiente Marino
SAMSupplemental Aid to Maintenance
SAMSetup Acknowledgment Message (ITI)
SAMSystem Alteration Modification
SAMSpace Advisory Message
SAMSystem Acquisition Manager/Management
SAMSwitched Access with Multiplexer
SAMSafely Administering Medication (robotic pharmacist)
SAMSocial Ad Marketing
SAMSub-Assembly Module (Bellcore)
SAMShadow Activity Monitor (DataDirect)
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On behalf of the Steering Committee, I would like to express our satisfaction with the signing of the facility agreement, which we believe reflects the best interests of all parties," said Vikram Reddy, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the company's bank lenders, who serves as Regional Head, Group Special Assets Management, Standard Chartered Bank.
According to the lists comprising on 128 pages received to Online, the State Bank of Pakistan had released loan to more than 600 people from 1999 to 2007 on the lists provided to it by the Special Assets Management Division of the Bank of Punjab.
He has main Board responsibility for Risk, Group Special Assets Management, Legal & Compliance and also has Governance responsibility for Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, UK/Europe and the Americas.
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