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SPCLASGNSpecial Assignment
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'I am not going to ask to make it public, I am not going to ask where the money will be spent but I demand as a parliamentarian to hold in-camera sessions of both the houses of the parliament to explain what is meant by the special assignment,' he said.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Agency journalism is among the types of journalism most suited to investigative journalism, said Drew Sullivan, former editor for the Special Assignment Team of the Associated Press (AP).
Because snow was forecast in January 1982, a special assignment of wellies were ordered for |the Greenfields store in Cardiff
"The Commission is working on special assignment and soon those high officials who were found in corruption or any other embezzlement they would be arrested", Zia Ullah Khan added.
Ross has worked as an essential skills coordinator and as the district's music TOSA (teacher on special assignment).
I am pleased he stays with us for a while on special assignment and I wish him all the best for his medical recovery' said Torn Enders, CEO of Airbus Group.
He will continue with Airbus on special assignment. McArtor is a recognized leader in the U.S.
Summary: Islamabad: The Inter-Services Intelligence agency was provided Rs 600 million to accomplish a "special assignment" ...
"He has been given a special assignment for a short period before the start of the World Cup," The Express Tribune quoted a Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman, as saying.
Brown replaces Pat Welsh, who, after a period of special assignment duties, is retiring.
While our fearless host Reeve is away on special assignment in Florida following Flemish folk singers of the 60s, Ben steps in to lead Evan, Ross and special guest star Jake Silverstein (the editor of Texas Monthly) in a discussion on the next state budget, redistricting and campaign finance.
McClure recently joined the Red Sox organization as a special assignment scout.
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