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SDAFSpecial Defense Acquisition Fund
SDAFSouth Dakota Advertising Federation
SDAFSouth Downs Access Forum
SDAFSacral Deafferentation
SDAFSheffield Domestic Abuse Forum (UK)
SDAFSoluble Decay Accelerating Factor
SDAFSpecial Development Assistance Fund
SDAFService Development Application Framework
SDAFSoutheastern Digital Animation Festival
SDAFSan Dieguito Academy Foundation
SDAFStudy Drug Administration Form
SDAFSatellite Dependent Adaptation Function
SDAFSaskatchewan Department of Agriculture and Food (Canada)
SDAFSpindizzy Armed Forces
SDAFSíndrome Dolorosa Abdominal Funcional
SDAFSystem Document Attributes File
SDAFScience Data Assessment Form
SDAFSuffolk Disabled Angling Forum (UK)
SDAFSchool Development and Accountability Framework
SDAFSveriges Dragspels- och Accordeonpedagogers Förbund
SDAFSchweizerische Depeschenagentur/frz
SDAFSpecial District Augmentation Fund (California)
SDAFSaceurs Direct Augmentation Force
SDAFSection/Division Activity Fund (Federal Bar Association)
SDAFSRB (solid rocket booster) Disassembly Facility (NASA)
SDAFSensor Data Analysis Framework
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Additional missiles are also being purchased via the Special Defense Acquisition Fund.
government counterparts, a joint visual inspection by one country team of special defense acquisition fund assets that are currently in storage at RIA and a visit by another country team to the local Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office for identification of materiel for a future FMS purchase.
The missiles are scheduled to be provided through the US government to the US Army, Marine Corps, as well as Oman, Jordan and Indonesia, while the Special Defense Acquisition Funds (SDAF)-funded CLUs will be supplied to the army starting in October 2014.
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