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SIVSimian Immunodeficiency Virus
SIVSykehuset I Vestfold (Norwegian hospital)
SIVSeasonal Influenza Vaccine
SIVSwine Influenza Virus
SIVStructured Investment Vehicle
SIVSystem Information Viewer
SIVSystème d'Immatriculation des Véhicules (French: Vehicle Registration System)
SIVSuporte Imediato de Vida (Portuguese: Immediate Life Support)
SIVSmall Islands Voice
SIVSelf-Inflicted Violence
SIVSpecial Immigrant Visa (US State Department)
SIVSpecial Investment Vehicle
SIVSpecial Interest Vessel (US DoD)
SIVSpeaker Identification and Verification (speech recognition)
SIVSociété Industrielle de Vitrines (French metalwork company)
SIVSimulation d'Incident en Vol (French: Simulated Incidence in Flight; paragliding)
SIVSite Initiation Visit
SIVSetto Interventricolare (Italian)
SIVServizio Informazioni del Vaticano (Frontier magazine march 2008, article about extraterrestial contact)
SIVSitus Inversus Viscerum
SIVSilo Interface Vault (missile defense)
SIVSorry I Vanished (chat)
SIVSpeed Increase Valve
SIVSound in Video
SIVSafety Interlocks Valid
SIVSystem Integration Van/Vehicle
SIVSensors in Vacuum (engineering)
SIVService d'Immuno Virologies (French: Immunovirology Department; Atomic Energy Commission)
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That's a crucial structural difference between today and 2008, when a key trigger for the credit crunch was the banks holding short vol positions through Special Investment Vehicles and other instruments in the shadow banking system.
Together those 16 lawmakers - 13  Republicans, three Democrats - own multimillion-dollar stakes in the special investment vehicles that stand to benefit from Cornyn's amendment.
The Unlisted Investment Policy makes provision for an establishment of special investment vehicles (SPV) in the form of Bewind Trusts.
And at Citicorp and other banks, so-called special investment vehicles, or SIVs, which held hundreds of millions of dollars in risky securities, funded almost exclusively by debt, were treated as off-balance sheet (i.e., as if Citicorp did not own them) and therefore as not contributing to the firm's leverage and risk despite the fact that they contributed to the firm's revenues and were later salvaged only (and predictably) by the firm's rescuing them when they foundered.
<p>INVESTMENT VEHICLES Other Luxembourg-based investment vehicles available to Islamic investors include the following special investment vehicles: the Luxembourg Securitisation Vehicle (SV); the SociEetEe d'Investissement en Capital Ci RisquEe (SICAR); and real estate companies.<p>The SV is compatible with many Shari'ah-compliant securitisation transactions and may be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
Following a meeting of eight EU leaders in Berlin, Mr Brown said the proposed organisation would scrutinise all financial institutions including the hedge funds and special investment vehicles that have been blamed for the world's financial problems.
NBAD denied of having any direct exposure to collaterised debt obligations (CDO), special investment vehicles (SIV) or the US sub-prime market.
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