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SMODStandard Mode of Dress (various schools)
SMODSpecial Mode
SMODSweet Meteor of Death (politics)
SMODSingle Manufacturer One Design (boating)
SMODSuper Mod (gaming, Half Life 2 modification)
SMODSerial Port Mode (Intel 8051 Microcontroller)
SMODSpace and Missile Operations Duty (US Air Force)
SMODSecondary Means of De-Energization
SMODSpace Monkies of Death (band)
SMODStaff Member On Duty
SMODSedimentable Mineral Organic Detritus
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Presence of an interactive panel should it is possible to simultaneously recognize thirty-two touches without the need to configure a special mode. The software must be completely russified.
Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced the next "Overwatch" event called "Storm Rising." The event will feature a new special mode featuring four of the "Overwatch" characters namely Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji.
Rather it is faith and a special mode of cognition that makes man superior to all other animals.
2) You must apply for payment of beneficiary travel within 30 calendar days after completing beneficiary travel that doesn't include a special mode of transportation.
Thus, in "Framing" (part I), the 'solemn intention' (samkalpa) and the 'ritualized greeting' (namaskara) yield insights into the differences between ritualistic and mundane activity, in that they serve as markers that announce and frame a special mode of action.
For selfie lovers, you can use the little mirror in front of the lens as well as a special mode to ensure your selfies look good.
Only buses (from the vehicles with internal combustion engines) as well as special mode vehicles (police, fire, emergency) and electric vehicles will have the right to move.
First you can have a live histogram displayed while taking photos, and second, you can activate a special mode, when manually focusing, which highlights in red the areas of the image which have the most contrast, helping you achieve the perfect focus on the area you want.
Dacion en pago was defined as 'a special mode of payment whereby the debtor offers another thing to the creditor who accepts it as equivalent of payment of an outstanding obligation.'
Line scanning is a special mode of pencil beam scanning (PBS), where the beam is delivered continuously with a constant beam current in each energy layer and the intensity modulation is achieved by varying the scan speed within the energy layer.
Furthermore, this special mode is an environmentally friendly method for removing bitumen coatings, paints, soot deposits, lichens and algae .
A special mode permits in excess of 50,000 equidistant measurements per second.
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