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SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle (financial)
SPVSenior Vice President
SPVSweet Potato Vine
SPVSampler Performance Validation
SPVSmart Phone Video
SPVSound Pictures and Video
SPVSpecific Volume
SPVSapeur-Pompier Volontaire (French: Volunteer Firefighter)
SPVStandard Presumptive Value (vehicles)
SPVSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle (toy)
SPVSolar Photo-Voltaic
SPVSurface Photovoltage
SPVSingle Point Vulnerability (nuclear safety; various organizations)
SPVService de La Protection des Végétaux (French: Plant Protection Service)
SPVSound Pictures Video (Orange Smartphone)
SPVSubsistence Prime Vendor (dining services contractor)
SPVSociété Pédagogique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Educational Society; Switzerland; est. 1856)
SPVSon Photo Vidéo (French: Sound, Picture, Video; Orange smartphone)
SPVSpatial Performance Visualization (wireless networking)
SPVSpecial Purpose Visa
SPVSpecialist, Transport Airman (US DoD)
SPVService de Préparation à la Vie (French: Preparation for Life Service; Canada)
SPVSystem Performance Verification
SPVScald Protection Valve (Speakman Company)
SPVSpecial Purpose Venture (investment)
SPVSouth Polar Vortex
SPVSchweizerischer Podologenverband
SPVSpace Position Value
SPVSelf Piloted Vehicle
SPVState Probability Vector
SPVSemantics-Preserving Variation
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Regulators are taking a "consumer beware" approach to the special purpose vehicles, said McLaren, letting investors decide what will be the catastrophic events that would demean quality in terms of their lending to the special purpose vehicles.
selected special purpose vehicles to implement projects effectively; (iii) based on the reviews of related institutions and arrangements, help draft sample contracts, institutional governance structure and public-private partnerships for skills training institutions and special purpose vehicle to implement OSDP effectively; and (v) any other related tasks to complete this task as part of the OSDP design work.
In the special purpose vehicle, Saudi Tabreed, which is owned by Acwa Power and the UAE s National Central Cooling Company, owns a 60% stake, while the rest of 40% is hold by Jabal Omar.
Target: Special purpose vehicles owning Rampisham, Aller Court, Hill, Forest Farm, Wasing and Flixborough solar plants
The Irish central bank has announced a plan to tighten rules on special purpose vehicles (SPVs).
Foton), China, which manufactures vehicles in partnership with Daimler AG, will see it offer trucks, as well as special purpose vehicles.
Tractors, small buses, buses and special purpose vehicles constituted 4.
AIG said that the move to place its holdings in American International Assurance Company Limited and American Life Insurance Company in special purpose vehicles will position the units for initial public offerings or third party sales.
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