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SGRSustainable Growth Rate
SGRStichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (Dutch: Travel Compensation Fund Foundation)
SGRSocieta' di Gestione del Risparmio (Italian: Investment Management Company)
SGRSelect Graphic Rendition
SGRSmith, Gambrell & Russell (law firm; various locations)
SGRStargate Resistance (game)
SGRSmall Group Research (journal)
SGRSelous Game Reserve (Tanzania)
SGRSurgeon General's Report
SGRSpecific Growth Rate
SGRShale Gouge Ratio (algorithm)
SGRSoft Gamma-ray Repeater (high energy astrophysics)
SGRScientific Games Racing (various locations)
SGRSociety of Gastrointestinal Radiologists
SGRStrategic Grain Reserve
SGRSet Graphics Rendition
SGRSteam Generator Replacement
SGRScary-Go-Round (online comic strip)
SGRShin Getter Robo (science fiction)
SGRStained Glass Rose (D.A. Brockett novel)
SGRSystem Graduation Requirements (various universities)
SGRSortie Generation Rate
SGRSpectral Gamma Ray
SGRStem Girdling Roots
SGRSodium-Graphite Reactor
SGRStudents for Global Responsibility
SGRScientists for Global Responsibilty
SGRSegmented Gamma-Ray Scanner
SGRSelesa Golf Resort (Malaysia)
SGRSerrurerie Générale Rénovation (French: Locksmith General Renovation)
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and reported significant effect on the growth parameters (final weight, weight gain, specific growth rate and length) on the experimental fish.
Similarly, the specific growth rate, cell yield and specific substrate consumption rate was determined by using the following equations:
At the end of experiment found that growth performance base on the weight gain (WG), average daily gain (ADG) and specific growth rate (SGR) and feed utilization base on feed conversion ratio (FCR) and feed efficiency ratio (FCE) were not significant different (p>0.
Specific growth rate (SGR) was calculated as (SGR% increase in body weight per day) = [(lnWflnWi)/t]*100, where Wf: final weight (g), Wi: initial wet weight (g), and t: time (days).
The feed restriction used in the present work has significantly impaired the fish growth performance, with lower results of final body weight, specific growth rate and fish yield (Table 2).
cerevisiae provides better performance in gaining weight, specific growth rate and better survival after nine weeks of cultivation of Nile tilapia.
After the 30-day dietary treatment, the weights of the individual fish from each experimental group were measured to calculate the specific growth rate (SGR).