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SSASocial Security Administration
SSASelective Service Administration
SSASoftware Support Activity
SSASource Selection Authority/Advisory
SSASocial Security Act
SSASub-Saharan Africa
SSASpecific Surface Area (solid property)
SSASarva Shiksha Abhiyan (India)
SSASoaring Society of America
SSASame-Sex Attraction
SSASociety for the Study of Addiction (England, UK)
SSASecretaría de Salud (México)
SSASeismological Society of America
SSASocial Services Abstracts (journal)
SSAShan State Army (Burma)
SSASingle-Scattering Albedo (electromagnetic radiation)
SSASouth Suburban Airport (Illinois)
SSAStatic Single Assignment
SSASpecial Service Area (property tax to fund redevelopment of rundown buisness districts)
SSASocial Security Agency (UK)
SSASaitama Super Arena (Saitama, Japan)
SSASupervisory Special Agent
SSASelf Storage Association
SSASenior Special Agent
SSAStatistical Society of Australia
SSASenior Staff Attorney
SSASystem Security Administrator
SSASystems Services of America (various locations)
SSASpecific Support Action
SSASystem Safety Assessment
SSASingle Spin Asymmetry
SSAStevedoring Services of America (Seattle, WA)
SSASystem Safety Analysis (avionics)
SSASystem Security Assessment
SSAScottish Sports Association (UK)
SSAStatistics South Africa
SSASystem Software Associates (various locations)
SSASector-Specific Agency (US Department of Homeland Security)
SSASt. Scholastica Academy (various locations)
SSASulfosalicylic Acid (reagent)
SSASingle Static Assignment (computer programming)
SSASenior Security Advisor
SSASocial Security Association
SSASveriges Sändareamatörer (Swedish: Swedish Amateur Transmitter)
SSASat Sri Akal
SSASomatostatin Analog (medical treatment)
SSASwimming South Africa
SSASociété Suisse des Auteurs (French: Swiss Society of Authors)
SSASchool Self-Assessment (various locations)
SSASchool of Social Service Administration (University of Chicago; Illinois)
SSASygate Security Agent
SSASerial Storage Architecture
SSASuper Systems Administrator
SSASql Server Agent
SSASelf Servicing Account
SSASun System Analysis
SSASecurity Server Agent
SSAStart of Selected Area
SSASegment Search Argument
SSASub Station Alpha
SSASnmp Sub Agent
SSAStandard Spending Assessment (UK)
SSASewage Sludge Ash (admixture to concrete or mortar)
SSASupply Support Activity (AR 310-50)
SSASerial Storage Architecture (ANSI X3710.1)
SSASteady State Approximation (reaction kinetics/physical chemistry)
SSASalmonella-Shigella Agar
SSAShort Sale Addendum (real estate)
SSASki & Snowboard Australia
SSASoprano Soprano Alto (sheet music parts)
SSAService Support Agreement (various companies)
SSASpace Situational Awareness
SSAStock Subscription Agreement
SSASoftware Support Agreement (various organizations)
SSASickle Cell Anemia (medical disorder)
SSAShady Side Academy (Pittsburgh, PA)
SSASlip Slidin' Away
SSASeafood Services Australia (Queensland, Australia)
SSAState Space Analysis
SSASupport Services of Alaska
SSASide Saddle Association (riding)
SSASecondary Switching Area
SSAState Street Associates (Cambridge, MA)
SSASupply Systems Analyst
SSASignificant Scientific Agreement (US FDA)
SSASchool Safety Agent (New York)
SSASystem Security Analysis
SSASalvador, Bahia, Brazil - Dois De Julho (Airport Code)
SSASponsored Search Advertising
SSASecondary Service Area (various organizations)
SSAStatewide Single Audit (various locations)
SSASecurity State Assessment (software)
SSASociety of Southwest Archivists
SSAService de Santé des Armées (French: Department of Army Health)
SSASolomon Schechter Academy (New London, CT)
SSASchool Superintendents of Alabama
SSASafety & Security Asia (trade show)
SSASensitive Sea Area (ecology)
SSASole-Source Aquifer
SSASingapore Soka Association
SSASummer Science Academy (various schools)
SSAAtlantic Silverside (FAO fish species code)
SSAStaff Support Activity
SSASecurity System Analyzer (software)
SSASouthern Shrimp Alliance
SSASchool of Social Administration (various schools)
SSASystem Support Activity
SSASoutheastern Software Association
SSAS-Band Single Access (Hubble Telescope data processor)
SSASemiconductor Safety Association
SSASpecial Security Agreement
SSASupply Support Area (US DoD)
SSASubscriber Service Agreement (various companies)
SSASector Skills Agreement (UK)
SSAService Support Administration (various organizations)
SSAStandard Service Agreement
SSASecretaría de Salubridad y Asistencia (Mexican Health Secretariat)
SSASupply Support Agreement
SSAService Statistique Académique (French: Academic Statistics Service)
SSASupply Support Arrangements
SSASpecial Support Activity (NSA)
SSASearch Software America
SSASun Sensor Assembly
SSASingle Shared Assessment
SSASociety of Scottish Artists
SSASpecial Services Administrator (various organizations)
SSAScottish Society for Autism (UK)
SSASolid State Amplifier
SSASingapore Swimming Association
SSASituational Safety Awareness (various companies)
SSAStrategic Supply Agreement
SSASPARC Storage Array
SSASurvivable Systems Analysis (communications infrastructure)
SSASignal Security Agency
SSASeacoast Shipyard Association
SSASide Side Angle (geometry)
SSASolar System Ambassador (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
SSASydenham Sportsmen's Association (Canada)
SSAService Specialists Association
SSAStrapdown Sensor Assembly (US DoD)
SSASisters of St. Ann (religious order)
SSASpace Suit Assembly
SSAService Station Association Ltd (Australia)
SSAShip's Stores Ashore (US Navy)
SSAState Socialism and Anarchism
SSASingapore Student Association
SSAShow Stable Artisans (equestrian jewelry)
SSASpatial Systems Associates, Inc. (Columbia, MD)
SSASingular Spectral Analysis
SSASmall Slope Approximation
SSASenior State Advisor
SSASociété Suisse des Américanistes (French: Swiss Society of Americanists)
SSASouthwestern Sociological Association
SSASporting Shooters Association (Australia)
SSASpecialty Sleep Association
SSASingapore Scout Association
SSASecular Students Alliance
SSAStructured Settlement Alliance (direct funding assistance)
SSAShipbuilders and Ship-repairers Association
SSASpojene Staty Americke (Czech: United States of America)
SSASouthern Surgical Association
SSASelf-Structuring Antenna
SSASociété de Stylistique Anglaise (French: Society of English Stylistics)
SSASimian Society of America
SSASingapore Shooting Association
SSAStudent Science Association
SSASimilarity Structure Analysis
SSASoftware Support Agency
SSASingle Sailors Association
SSASwiss Surfing Association (Switzerland)
SSASpartan School of Aeronautics
SSASimple Stereo Architecture
SSASonoran Sea Aquarium (Tucson, Arizona)
SSASecurity Supporting Assistance
SSASupervisory Staff Administrator
SSASouthsea Shakespeare Actors
SSASmall Station Association (Public Television)
SSASupporting Supply Activity
SSASubscriber's Savings Account (United Services Automobile Association)
SSASATCOM Signal Analyzer
SSASociety Security Administration
SSASoftware Sneak Analysis
SSASpace Shuttle America (amusement park ride)
SSASector Safe Altitude (aviation)
SSASystem Support Administrator
SSASmall-Scale Area
SSAStation Select Address
SSASub-System Allowed
SSASoftware Specification Assistant
SSASoulshot A Grade (Lineage 2 game)
SSAStudent Services Association
SSASpecial Somatic Afferents
SSASingapore Scout Movement
SSASecurity Support Activity
SSASystem Specific Alias (IBM mainframes)
SSASystem Support Analysis
SSASynaptophysin-Stained Area
SSASuper Systems Administrator (higher privilege level than Systems Administrator)
SSASupportive Service Assistant (education)
SSASoldier Survivability Assessment
SSASubject Says All
SSASerial Source Acquisition
SSASynchro Signal Amplifier
SSASquare Spiral Antenna
SSASubspace Anomaly (Star Trek)
SSASociety of Student Archivists
SSASouthwell School Association (Hamilton, NZ)
SSAStandard System Applications
SSASlot Spiral Antenna
SSAStaff Supply Assistant
SSALong Side, Short Side, Angle Condition (geometry)
SSASeries-System Availability
SSAStep Scan Analyzer
SSASingle Stock Account
SSASystem Supportability Assessment
SSASystem Specification for ATCCS
SSASoviet Secret Agent
SSAStochastic Scattering Approach
SSASalle Semi-Anéchoique (French: Semi-Anechoic Room)
SSASpecial Supply Activity
SSASociété Spéléologique d'Avignon (French: Speleological Society of Avignon; Avignon, France)
SSASpace Station Associates
SSAShared Signaling Access
SSAShanghai Sanitation Administration
SSASupplemental Service Agreement
SSASimultaneous Sparse Approximation
SSAStreet Sweeper Arias (video game character)
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- Lot No 1 - Supply of Specific Surface Area (BET),
Key statement: Provided is a rubber composition which is improved in rolling resistance and abrasion resistance at the same time without reducing wet grip performance, and the rubber composition is prepared by compounding 100 parts by mass of a rubber component containing 30% by mass or more of polyisoprene with 2 to 200 parts by mass of carbon black having a hydrogen release rate of 0.2% by mass or more and/or a ratio of a nitrogen adsorption specific surface area [N.sub.2]SA and a cetyltrimethylammonium bromide adsorption specific surface area CTAB, [N.sub.2]SA/ CTAB, of 1.2 to 1.5 and a nitrogen adsorption specific surface area [N.sub.2]SA of 160 to 300 [m.sup.2]/g.
This is the first investigation to process UHMWPE/FANC gel solutions with the aid of ssC[O.sub.2], in which activated nanocarbon (ANC) with a specific surface area ~1,400 [m.sup.2]/g were used, since ANC displayed the highest specific surface areas obtainable in the market of commercial nanofillers.
A specific surface area and pore size distribution analyzer (Poremaster GT; Quantachrome) was used to measure the specific surface area of each filler.
Many efforts have been made to research metal oxides, due to their much higher specific surface area and electrical conductivity.
Huber Carbonates diagrams where the HuberCrete products fall within the median particle size and specific surface area range versus other concrete mixture agents.
There have been several investigations on the deterioration mechanism of R-P, and the deterioration is commonly ascribed to its large specific surface area [17].
In this section, the porous structures G-1 (S = 0.4, [[epsilon].sub.f] = 0.64), G-2 (S = 0.27, [[epsilon].sub.f] = 0.64), G-3 (S = 0.13, [[epsilon].sub.f] = 0.64), G-4 (S = 0.13, [[epsilon].sub.f] = 0.55), and G-5 (S = 0.13, [[epsilon].sub.f] = 0.44) were used to study the effect of porosity of microfractures and the specific surface area of the organic matrix on dynamic diffusion-adsorption processes.
Structurally carbon materials, depending on their properties, can be used in C[H.sub.4] storage, due to their high specific surface area and pore volume that is able to host large amounts of C[H.sub.4] [2, 3, 11, 12].
Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate the pore volume, pore diameter, and the specific surface area of various commercial calcium silicate-based endodontic cements.
The intensity of the -OH-group absorption is proportional to the specific surface area [5], but the ratio of the bridging to terminal -OH groups [6], in terms of nanoparticles, can vary.
Diatomaceous earth is used in many industrial applications due to its high porosity, low density porous and permeable structure, chemical resistance, high purity, high specific surface area, absorptive capacity and to its absorbent properties (Ediz et al., 2010).