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SNBPSperm Nuclear Basic Protein (reproductive biology)
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Saperas and Ausio review the structures of the sperm nuclear basic proteins (SNBPs) of tunicates, a critical bridge between the vertebrate arginine-rich protamines and the lysine-rich H1 histone subtypes characteristic of echinoderms.
Sperm nuclear basic proteins (SNBPs) are the chromosomal proteins that are found associated with DNA in sperm nuclei at the end of spermiogenesis.
Table 1 Sperm nuclear basic proteins (SNBPs) cited in this paper: R/K ratio and representative species References: (1) Strickland et al., 1976; (2) Lewis et al., 2004b; (3) Lewis et al.
Presence of PL/P-Type Sperm Nuclear Basic Proteins in Tunicates Provides Additional Support for the Vertical Evolution of SNBPs
SAPERAS, NURIA, AND JUAN AUSIO, Sperm nuclear basic proteins of tunicates and the origin of protamines, 127