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SESecond Edition
SESelf Employed
SESpecial Edition
SESystem(s) Engineering
SESearch Engine
SESex Education
SESweden (Internet top-level domain)
SESaint Etienne (musical group)
SESantiago del Estero (Argentina province)
SESales Executive
SESentence (Hyper Logo command)
SESeychelles (Admiralty, Aldabra & Assumption)
SESupport Equipment
SELondon Southeast (UK postcode)
SESales Engineer
SESystems Engineer
SESupported Employment
SESystem Expansion (Apple Macintosh)
SESergipe (Brazil)
SESystème d'Exploitation (French: Operating System)
SESystem Environment
SESeven Eleven (convenience market chain)
SESelf Evident
SESenior Engineer
SESupplies & Equipment
SEServer Environment
SESystem Evaluation
SESerrated Edge
SEService Économique (French: Economic Service; French Embassy)
SESafety Evaluation
SESafety Engineer
SESurvival Equipment
SEService Evaluation (AT&T)
SESelling Expenses
SESystematic Error
SESupport Element
SEService Establishment (Sprint)
SESecondary Electron
SESaban Entertainment
SESystem Extension
SESuperintending Engineer
SESlovenské Elektrárne (Slovak: Slovak Power Plants; est. 2002; Slovakia)
SESystem Effectiveness
SESecurity Escort
SESupported Education
SESynthetic Environment
SESegment End (Bellcore)
SESurrogate Endpoint
SESwitching Element
SEScientific Editing
SESeptember Eleventh
SESitus Est (Latin: It Is Located; epigraphy)
SESalem Elementary
SESyntax Element (video coding)
SESupporting Establishment
SESwine Erysipelas
SESerial Enable
SESurveillant d'Externat (French: Supervisor of Clerkship)
SESquare Enix, Ltd
SEsurface de l'exploitation
SEScrewed Ends
SESupplier Exchange
SESeismic Earthquake
SeSecretor Factor
SESurvivability Enhancement
SESprint Express
SESalmonella Enteritides
SEShadow Elves (gaming)
SESaami, Northern (Norwegian ISO Language Code)
SESheets & Equipment (NYC Transit Authority)
SESocietas Eruditorum (Latin: People at the Place of Learning)
SESystems Engineering and Integration Office (NIMA)
SESignal Excess
SESynchronous Editing
SESmall Eagles (Egypt)
SESynchronization Element
SESupportable Evaluation
SEStatiese Enkefalopatie
SESpectrum Engineering
SESingle Engine
SESide Effects
SEStatus Epilepticus
SESocial Engineering (computers)
SEStretching Exercises
SESony Ericsson
SESnake Eater (gaming)
SESingle Event (radiation effect)
SEStratic Energy Corporation (Calgary, Canada; stock symbol)
SESpurious Emission
SEStraight Edge (philately)
SESports Edition
SEStandard Edition
SESpectral Efficiency
SESiege Engine (gaming)
SESoftware Evolvability (IEEE International Workshop)
SESpecial Effects
SESpecial Equipment
SEStable Element
SEStandard Error (statistics)
SEStroboscopic Effect
SESplit End (similar to wide receiver; football)
SESolid Edge (3D solid modeling CAD software)
SESingle End
SESoftware Engineering
SESound Effect
SEShift Engineer
SESpongiform Encephalopathy
SESociety and Environment (school subject)
SESingles Encounter
SEsquare error
SESpecialized Experience
SEStimulated Emission
SESu Excelencia (title of address)
SESquare End
SEStock Exchange
SEStandard Examiner (newspaper)
SESony Electronics
SEStorage Element
SEStudent Expectations
SEStandard English
SESpreading Efficiency (amount of information bits conveyed by each chip)
SEStandards Executive
SEStrategic Ecosystem
SESolvent Extraction
SESocietas Europaea (European public limited-liability company)
SESpecial Education
SESon Excellence (French: His Excellency)
SEStatic Encephalopathy (alcohol exposed)
SEState Engineering (Pakistan government)
SEStructural Engineer
SESpace Elevator
SEStudent Experiment (NASA)
SESpecial Envoy
SESpaceship Earth (EPCOT)
SESubstantial Equivalence
SESilver Edition (model)
SEStatus Entry (Hekimian)
SESport England (UK)
SESubcritical Experiment
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If we want to acquire a fast, robust study with T1-weighted image contrast, one option is a fast spin-echo sequence, as used for T2-weighted imaging.
Coronal proton density-weighted, fat suppressed, turbo spin-echo (2500/14, TF 5), 3.
Grading articular cartilage of the knee using fast spin-echo proton density-weighted MR imaging without fat suppression.
Gadolinium-enhanced fat-suppressed post-contrast imaging helps to boost the contrast-to-noise ratio and is useful for detecting flowing blood compared with areas of flow void or decreased signal in spin-echo and fast spin-echo sequences.
Three-dimensional fast spin-echo imaging: Pulse sequence and in vivo image evaluation.
For those sequences for which SAR does affect the pulse sequence, other solutions may be applied, including parallel imaging to shorten echo trains (with a small reduction in optimal SNR), (9-11) and tailored RF pulse shapes or flip angles (variable-rate selective excitation, hyperecho-turbo spin-echo, transition between pseudo steady-states).
Sagittal and axial T2W half-Fourier acquisition single-shot turbo spin-echo localizer images are obtained to check endorectal coil positioning.
The backbone of our protocol is T2-weighted (T2W) imaging in 3 orthogonal planes with single-shot fast spinecho (SSFSE) or half-Fourier acquisition single-shot spin-echo (HASTE) imaging (effective repetition time [TR] = infinite; echo time [TE] = 80 msec; slice thickness = 6 mm).
Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography: Comparison of respiratory-triggered three-dimensional fast-recovery fast spin-echo with parallel imaging technique and breath-hold half-Fourier two-dimensional single-shot fast spin-echo technique.
A focal area of abnormally dark bone marrow signal intensity is noted within the shaft of the 4th metatarsal bone on the axial T1-weighted fast spin-echo sequence (Figure 3A) and bright signal on the postgadolinium fat-saturated sequence (Figure 3B).
The principle of echo-train spin-echo sequences is to summate multiple echoes within the same TR interval to decrease examination time, increase spatial resolution, or both.