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SRKShah Rukh Khan (Indian actor)
SRKShoryuken (fighting games)
SRKSchweizerisches Rotes Kreuz (German: Swiss Red Cross)
SRKS-Locus Receptor Kinase
SRKStorage Root Key
SRKServer Resource Kit
SRKSecurity Readiness Kit
SRKSecurity Resource Kit
SRKSecure Randomized Keyboard
SRKSystem Request Key
SRKSekolah Rendah Kebangsaan (Malay: Primary School)
SRKSteffen, Robertson and Kirsten (UK) Ltd
SRKSpoiled Rich Kid
SRKSurvival Rescue Knife
SRKSoave-Redlich-Kwong (thermodynamic model)
SRKSyk-Related Tyrosine Kinase
SRKSanders, Retzlaff, Kraff Formula (used in ophthalmology)
SRKSuomen Rauhanyhdistysten Keskusyhdistys Ry
SRKStay Red Kansas (politics)
SRKSteady Receive Key
SRKSACCS Replacement Keyboard
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The kids around Encinitas seem like a bunch of spoiled rich kids. Is that a fair assessment?
Meanwhile, sharp-tongued Beneatha, who plans on going to medical school, lets spoiled rich kid George (Sean Patrick Thomas) take her out occasionally while she experiences a reciprocated infatuation with Nigerian language tutor Asagai (David Oyelowo), whose attentions have put her on an Afrocentric jag.
The Scouser, labelled a spoiled rich kid when his sister paid for him to go racing, claimed his first win of the British Touring Car Championship season a fortnight ago.
Set in Beverly Hills, Cher is a well meaning but spoiled rich kid who is trying to find her own way in the world.
They find their joys where they can--in setting up an impromptu feast to toast the theft of a spoiled rich kid's motorcycle, or taking turns peeking through a fence to catch snatches of a dubbed and much-appreciated "Rio Bravo." Later their Western-addicted buddy "Sheriff" fills them in on the finer points of the story, a slew of scenes from other classic oaters soon embellishing the "Rio Bravo" plotline.
All of which makes him sound like a spoiled rich kid with no ambition and nowhere to go.
They know for their plans to succeed they have to keep a low profile, but when spoiled rich kid Noelle goes missing, they soon find themselves as prime suspects.
Also in Coorg, taking part in a motor race, is spoiled rich kid Arjun Khanna (Oberoi).
A SPOILED rich kid fire-bombed her stepmother's house because she hated her Christmas present.
Looking not quite as trashy as her best friend Maddy (Taryn Manning), she still cuts the figure of a dissolute tramp, the definition of a spoiled rich kid spiraling in the wrong direction.
"She is the spoiled rich kid who is mortified her secret is out.
Wang's feeble screenplay starts with junior syndicate flunky Kuan (Marc Chen) -- a geek who's apparently seen too many hip-hop gangsta videos and John Woo pics -- abducting spoiled rich kid Yumi (Taiwan pop singer Kuo Tin-Tin) at LAX.