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SEDSpecial Education
SEDStream Editor
SEDState Education Department
SEDSedalia (Amtrak station code; Sedalia, MO)
SEDShipper's Export Declaration
SEDSystems Engineering and Development (US DHS)
SEDSocial and Emotional Development (education)
SEDSpondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (bone growth disorder)
SEDSerious Emotional Disturbance
SEDSouth Eastern Division (UK)
SEDSchool of English and Drama (UK)
SEDSound Editor Deluxe (software)
SEDSociedad Española del Dolor (Spanish: Spanish Society of Pain)
SEDSurface-Conduction Electron-Emitter Display
SEDSenior Executive Director (various organizations)
SEDSozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (Socialist Union Party of East Germany)
SEDSony Energy Devices (Japan)
SEDStructured Electronic Document (data transmission)
SEDSurface Conduction Electron Emitter Display
SEDSelf Extracting Directive
SEDStrategic Economic Dialogue
SEDSciences and Exploration Directorate (US NASA)
SEDSeverely Emotionally Disturbed
SEDSocio-Economic Development
SEDSpectral Energy Distribution
SEDSelf-Encrypting Drive
SEDSurvey of Earned Doctorates
SEDSmall Electronic Device
SEDSeeing-Eye Dog
SEDSmall Enterprise Development
SEDSafety Engineered Device (healthcare)
SEDSchool Education Director (Australia)
SEDSoftware Engineering Directorate
SEDSurvey of English Dialects
SEDSupported Education
SEDScottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire (UK)
SEDSystems Engineering Division
SEDSustainable Energy Development
SEDSchweizerischer Erdbebendienst (Swiss Seismological Service)
SEDStandard Error of the Difference (statistics)
SEDSignals External Data (US DoD)
SEDSelf Employment Development (various organizations)
SEDSelective Eating Disorder (psychology)
SEDSoftware Error Density (ratio)
SEDSpecial Enforcement Detail
SEDStrain Energy Density
SEDScience Education Department
SEDSmoke-Emitting Diode
SEDSite Equipment Demonstration (exhibition)
SEDSchool of Environmental Design
SEDSoftware Engineering Design
SEDSolar Energy Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
SEDSquared Euclidean Distance
SEDScience, Environment and Development
SEDSkill Enhancement Division
SEDStatistical Engineering Division
SEDSpanish Education Development
SEDSecondary Electron Detector
SEDShore Establishments Division (US Navy)
SEDSevere Emotional Disability
SEDService d'Enseignement à Distance (French: Services for Distance Learning)
SEDSweet Eagle Dreams
SEDSingle-Event Disturb
SEDSkin Erythema Dose
SEDSingle Error Detection
SEDSatellite Eligibility Determination (site)
SEDSpecial Events Director
SEDSuberythemal Dose
SEDSub-clinical Eating Disorder
SEDSeverely Employment Disadvantaged
SEDSensor Evolutionary Development (aeronautics)
SEDSpacecraft Engineering Department
SEDSociété Etudes Développements (French engineering company)
SEDSenior Executive Development
SEDSub-Entire Domain
SEDService d'Expérimentation et de Développement (French: Experimentation and Development Office; National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control)
SEDSpecial Electrical Devices
SEDSpecial Engineers Detachment (Manhattan Project)
SEDSub-Epithelial Domain (biology)
SEDShort Edge Distance
SEDSales, Engineering and Development
SEDStrip Endpoint Diffraction
SEDSystem Evolution Description
SEDSedom, Israel - Domestic Airfield (airport code)
SEDState Emergency Duty (Missouri)
SEDService des Etablissements de Détention (French: Office of Detention Facilities; Switzerland)
SEDSpace Exploration Day
SEDSoulever et Déplacer (French: Lift and Move; moving company)
SEDStandard Erytemdos
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Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (SED) is a rare, type II collagen disorder that is defined and diagnosed by its characteristic clinical and radiologic features.
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