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SDPScitex Digital Printing (Dayton, OH)
SDPScience Data Processing
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SDPSteepest Descent Path
SDPSilent Discharge Plasma
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SDPShelf Discovery Protocol (Cisco)
SDPSodium Dihydrogen Phosphate
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SDPSimple Device Protocol
SDPSpray Dried Powder (ceramic industry)
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SDPSystem Data Processor
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SDPSource Data Package
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SDPSpecial Departure Procedure (thrust deficient aircraft)
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The cocoa extract is sold in two forms- spray dried powder and liquid extract.
Encapsulation efficiency (EE %) was calculated as the amount of TPC and TFC encapsulated in spray dried powder (fp) (divided by the TPC and TFC of the solution used for the preparation of spray dried powder (fs)), as shown in equation below:
China is the world's manufacturer, and JF-NAFURA ambition is tobe the world's manufacturer of botanical extract, Jhiii & vegetable spray dried powder and natural colors lor our valuable customers.
It entails forming a warm, stirred aqueous slurry comprised of inorganic salts, binding agents and 0.001-20% by weight of capsules based on the weight of spray dried powder, said capsules containing at least one benefit agent comprising perfume, and spray drying the slurry to form a detergent powder while admixing at least one member selected from a zeolite builder, phosphate builder, carbonate builder and a surfactant binding agent.
The spray dried powder was calcined at 300[degrees]C for 2 hrs and 350[degrees]C for 3hrs.
Natural flavourings are also available in spray dried powder or liquid forms to provide the technologist with a maximum of possible options.
The reason for this seemingly unusual heavy trade appears purely and simply to be Greek Frappe requiring the cheapest and most cheerful spray dried powder from Africa's biggest producer of Robusta coffee for its very existence.
Natural chicken flavourings are also available in spray dried powder or liquid forms to provide the technologist with a maximum of possible options.
And there are the additional and distinct choices to be made on whether to go for freeze-dried granules, spray dried powder or agglomerated products.
The new factory was built from the ground up using the latest coffee technology and sophisticated, automated machinery capable of producing the best coffee extract, spray dried powder, and agglomerated coffee, both regular and decaffeinated, according to the company.