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SQQSlow, Quick, Quick (dance)
SQQStandard Quality Quotation (livestock; UK)
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The SQQ is an average so if you look within that at the high end, those animals hitting the hypothetical export spec weight band of 25.
Je comprends celle-ci non pas au sens negatif du terme, mais comme la reconnaissance du fait que, d'une part, la vie humaine et notre planete sont fragiles et qu'il faut en prendre acte, non pas comme une tare, mais comme la condition meme de notre ouverture a nous-memes, aux autres, au monde et a d'autres possibles, et que d'autre part, toutes les cultures sont incompletes et ont interet, comme cela a toujours ete le cas, a s'enrichir mutuellement pour repondre aux defis collectifs contemporains (voir Eberhard 2006 : 155 et sqq.
Etude biographique et litteraire 1 (Paris: Champion, 1930) 354 sqq.
Tenders are invited for supply of lt cables (3cx25 sqq.
TALGARTH NOVEMBER 3 SPRING LAMBS (1,178): An SQQ of 176p/kg was achieved, with lambs soaring to 196p/kg for a pen of 45kg lambs from HC Edwards & Sons, Maesgwyn.
5 Kiln Close PRIME LAMBS A flying trade with all classes selling dearer on the week delighting vendors and producing an overall SQQ of 200.
A review is currently being held on whether SQQ is still fit for purpose or whether it needs amending to reflect changing market conditions.
5 The Thwaites Per Head British Blue PS1380 The Thwaites Limousin PS1347 The Thwaites PS1243 Ellenbank Belted Galloway PS1268 Ellenbank PRIME LAMBS A tremendous entry saw improved rates on the week for all classes pleasing vendors with the SQQ reaching 192.
Responses To The Sqq Will Be Used To Access Pass/Fail Criteria And Will Form Part Of The Technical Marking For The Meat Assessment.
All buyers very active ahead of the forthcoming festival and ram lambs in demand resulted in standard and medium weight ranges levelling in excess of PS2, and with lightweights also much improved an SQQ of 199.