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The Rhotex 325 has advanced printhead technology, using water-based environmentally friendly dispersion inks, reaching a print speed of up to 4,195 square feet per hour.
Apellix expects to release a beta version of its Worker Bee[TM] solution - a spray painting drone that can coat between 5,000 and 12,000 square feet per hour on elevated structures up to 100' - to industry partners in Q4 2017.
Premium-quality imaging, fastest throughput, maximum performance Featuring high-resolution, 7-picoliter EFI UltraDrop Technology, the new VUTEk 5r model is designed to offer both the fastest rated throughput running at speeds up to 4,896 square feet per hour and the highest imaging quality in its class, giving SGS Cincinnati the ability to maximize efficiency and performance.
Wearable vacuum cleans more than 7,000 square feet per hour
The system can produce near-photographic image quality at a true production print speed (sellable prints) of 133 square feet per hour.
The 8254E and 8264E can print at resolutions that range from 540 to 1440 dpi at production speeds up to 143 to 172 square feet per hour (13.
The SureFire 65 is an extremely versatile unit that prints a true 600x600 dpi image at up to 300 square feet per hour," said Mario Carluccio, business development manager for Aellora.
Maximum productivity is 42,000 square feet per hour for the 26-inch scrub deck model and 46,200 square feet for the 28-inch model, according to Kent, and the scrubber's tools-free interchangeable scrub deck is available in 26-inch disc, 28-inch disc, or 28-inch cylindrical deck models.
Both SP 8888 and SP 9888 can be spray applied to film thickness ranging from 14 to 60 mils in a single coat pass with application rates of approximately 1,200-1,400 square feet per hour (based on a 20 mil nominal application).
The PressVu UV 200/600 can print up to 80 inches (2 meters) wide at 350 square feet per hour (33 square meters per hour).
The MVH-306 Series produces at speeds up to 75 feet per minute allowing operators to compact up to 9,000 square feet per hour.
With more than 100 technical enhancements, the Pro II Series can print up to 300 square feet per hour at 450 dpi to produce POP displays, signs, banners and exhibits.