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The coating is rapidly applied by HVLP spray equipment, and has a surface coverage of over 1900 square feet per gallon. Substrates suitable for the current clear coat formulation include textiles, exterior and interior architectural surfaces, exterior and interior vehicle and aircraft surfaces, electronic equipment including those controlled by touchscreens, and military equipment currently coated with standard CARC by addition of WMDtox as a CARC-compatible topcoat.
The product has high coverage of 2,000 square feet per gallon. It conforms to the UL listing for slippage.
The product instructions will include the spread rate (typically expressed in square feet per gallon) and recommended application equipment.
A: Most makers claim 350 to 450 square feet per gallon. (That'd put one coat on the walls of a 10- by 12-foot room, assuming the usual ceiling height plus windows and doors.) Note: A porous rough wall soaks up more than a smooth primed one.
It also complies with all California air pollution regulations and covers up to 500 square feet per gallon on smooth concrete floors or 250 square feet per gallon on broom finished concrete,
The coverage rate for Foster 40-50, which typically dries in one hour, is up to 400 square feet per gallon.
Approximate coverage is 400-500 square feet per gallon on build coats, and 300-400 on bare wood.
Valspar Flooring's Valsport WP-14 is available in five-gallon containers with coverage of 350-450 square feet per gallon.
LS Guard also reduces maintenance needs below the level of acrylic finishes, which have to be re-applied at regular intervals, according to the company, and its installed cost is equal to or lower than most acrylic finishes, with a coverage rate of 700-900 square feet per gallon. The liquid floor-hardeners also reduce dusting and simplify maintenance cleaning.