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The researchers also demonstrated that this geometry can gather light from an area as large as 126 square centimeters, making it less sensitive to alignment.
They received a single treatment with an Nd:YAG 1,064-nm laser using a 650-microsecond pulse duration, a spot sizt of 2-3 millimeters, and a fluence of 42-64 joules per square centimeter. Photographs were taken for evaluation immediately before and after each treatment, and 30 and 180 days after each treatment.
A key advance in the Maryland fuel cell is that it is based on cerium oxide and bismuth oxide, which are far more electrically conductive than materials used in commercial versions and produce much more electricity per square centimeter. The cell can operate at 650 [degrees]C, down from 900 [degrees]C in existing products, reducing thermal stresses and insulation needs.
Twenty thousand nanowires, placed side-by-side and end-to-end, cover three square centimeters, with two thin electrodes hanging off either end.
The surface area of the poles is 2 x 1568.3 square centimeters and the weight of the gold overlay is 0.02 x 17 x 3136.6 = 1.07 kilograms.
Meth becomes airborne during production and settles on surfaces at up to 16,000 micro-grams per 100 square centimeters ([micro]g/100 [cm.sup.2]).
Moist swabbing of 100 square centimeters of the surface--an area comparable to the size of a preschooler's hand--picked up 0 to 2,813 micrograms of arsenic.
However, since output current of a [FC] is "directly related to the common surface area between [its] electrodes and membrane, [obtaining] 300 mA of current using conventional [FC] technologies would require a surface area of around 60 square centimeters, much larger than is available in a mobile phone."
Currently, the minimum cage stocking density for adult layers required by the United Egg Producers is 342 square centimeters (53 square inches) and will be increased to 432 square centimeters (67 square inches) by the year 2012.
A hole of about 40 square centimeters was later found on the cover of the engine, which is on the left wing.
Use centimeters and square centimeters when measuring and recording, and be as accurate as possible.
Although its collecting area of 5,200 square centimeters is only half that of the BATSE detectors on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, BAT will be five times more sensitive and offer a tenfold improvement in angular resolution.