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Extreme climates and terrains are especially known for bringing out squeaks and rattles. Identifying and mitigating these noises long before a vehicle goes into production is one more way Ford is working to deliver great vehicle quality.
The parts producing the squeaks and rattles are interacting with each other in three dimensions."
As we drove down the road--a typically bumpy southeastern Michigan thoroughfare--he commented about the squeaks and rattles he could hear.
Other applications include vibration dampening under the hood and suppression of squeaks and rattles inside doors.
Yet think about it: Where do many of those squeaks and rattles that bring people into the dealership service departments come from?
Nissan will continue to work internally and with suppliers to reduce BSRs (Buzzes, Squeaks and Rattles), improve interior color match between panels, and refine the option mix available on each model line.
The bead reduces squeaks and rattles, as well as the need for hand-applied felt.