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SRBSolid Rocket Booster
SRBSandals Royal Bahamian (resort)
SRBSulphate Reducing Bacteria
SRBStabilized Rice Bran (health care product)
SRBSingle Resolution Board (EU)
SRBSanta Rosa Beach (Florida)
SRBSurface Radiation Budget
SRBSex Ratio at Birth
SRBSingle Regeneration Budget (grant for regeneration initiatives; UK)
SRBSelective Reenlistment Bonus
SRBStorage Resource Broker
SRBSource Route Bridging
SRBSystem Request Block
SRBService Request Block
SRBStorage Resource Broker (data-mining software)
SRBService Record Book
SRBSafety Review Board
SRBSource-Route Bridge
SRBSociedade Rural Brasileira (Portuguese: Brazilian Rural Society)
SRBScarlet Runner Bean (plant)
SRBSonic's Rendezvous Band
SRBSoftware Review Board
SRBSteve Rogers Band
SRBSenior Review Board (Canada)
SRBSystem Review Board (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System; US DoD)
SRBSCSI Request Block
SRBSoftware Release Bulletin (US DoD)
SRBSenior Resource Board (NATO)
SRBScoop Review of Books (New Zealand)
SRBSchool Refusal Behavior (school phobia)
SRBSun Report Builder (software)
SRBService Request Block (MVS)
SRBStudents for Responsible Business (various organizations)
SRBSinai-Ruelle-Bowen (dynamical systems)
SRBSolid Rock Band
SRBSource Routing Bridging
SRBSix-Rowed Barley (grain)
SRBSim Redmond Band (Ithaca, NY)
SRBSocially Responsible Banking (Vermont)
SRBStream Request Block
SRBStandards Real Book (music)
SRBSuper Regional Bank
SRBSociété des Régates de Brest (French: Regatta Society of Brest)
SRBSeaplane Repair Base (US Navy)
SRBScouts Royale Brotherhood (fraternity)
SRBSpecial Rescue Battalion (Singapore Civil Defense Force)
SRBSolicitation Review Board
SRBSignalling Radio Bearer
SRBService Request Bit
SRBSpatial Reference Beamforming
SRBSindh Revenue Board (Sindh, Pakistan)
SRBSports Réunis Belfortains (French: Sports Meeting Belfortain)
SRBSystem Release Bulletin
SRBStratégie Réunionnaise pour La Biodiversité (French: Reunion Strategy for Biodiversity)
SRBSpoiled Rotten Brat
SRBSelf Run Business
SRBStress Rated Board (lumber grade)
SRBSystem Readiness Board
SRBSubmarine Reportback Processor
SRBScary Republican Base
SRBSegment Release Bulletin
SRBSociété des Régates de La Bernerie (French: Regatta Society of Bernerie)
SRBStyrene Rubber Butadiene
SRBSecretariat Review Board (US Navy)
SRBState Reserve Board (China)
SRBStaff Record Bureau (UK)
SRBSmiling Really Big
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SRB is the first Sharia Advisory institute to be licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain.
The benefits that can be derived from installing SRB split roller bearings are clear, and often the key decision is to determine the correct design and seal arrangement for the application in question.
The obtained results indicate that, the formation of biofilm and attachement of SRB spesis on this metal surfaces were taken place at the early stage of this metabolism process.
Trainee solicitor, Rebecca Jones, 23, from Marshfield, Newport, started her career as a paralegal at SRB Legal, while she was completing her Legal Practice Course at Cardiff University.
The FSA said: "The review identified widespread poor practice among SRB firms.
The message also adds a provision to allow Sailors to submit SRB precertification requests prior to PTS approval; however SRB requests will not be approved until PTS confirmation is received.
Self-perceived vulnerability to HIV has been proposed as being a key factor underlying SRB which may be even more important than knowledge (16).
The OVX group and SRB group underwent bilateral ovariectomy, after which the OVX group was fed a normal diet and the SRB group fed a normal diet containing 2% SRB.
7bn was distributed between 1994 and 2006 to local regeneration partners under the then SRB.
As of now, SRB landlords and companies have only one month to submit a complete application for interim permission to continue their SRB business activities.
This agreement between NutraCea and ADM Rice is timely and a natural strategic step as it allows us to quickly increase our production while still maintaining product integrity of the finished SRB," said Brad Edson, president and CEO, NutraCea.