SRIASaskatchewan Recording Industry Association
SRIASanta Rosa Island Authority (Florida, USA)
SRIASocietas Rosicruciana in Anglia
SRIASouthern Risk and Insurance Association (est. 1968)
SRIASt. Robert's International Academy (Iloilo City, Philippines)
SRIASensitive Records Information Agency (US Army)
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We thank Douglas Bennett, Gerald Gay, Jayant Kale, Omesh Kini, Stephen Smith, and SRIA 2002, FMA 2003, FMA 2004 participants for their helpful comments.
The authors thank the editor, two anonymous referees, James Doran, participants at meetings of SRIA and SFA, and seminar participants at the University of Georgia and the University of Iowa for constructive comments and helpful suggestions that improved the quality of the article.
The author would like to thank the Texas Association of School Boards for data and the support in conducting this research, the participants of SRIA meeting at Hilton Head, and in particular Dr.
The author would like to thank participants of the 1998 ARIA and 1998 SRIA meetings; two anonymous referees; and the editor, Richard D.
Background & policy context : The coordination action OPTICS will provide oversight of progress in research and innovation aiming to improve the safety and security of aviation in accordance with Flightpath 2050 challenges and goals, exploiting as far as possible the identified metrics, achievements, main topic areas and broad industry knowledge and expertise base established in the development industry~s SRIA.