SRICSocially Responsible Investment Coalition (San Antonio, TX)
SRICSurvival Research Institute of Canada
SRICSociété de Réadaptation et d'Intégration Communautaire (French: Society of Rehabilitation and Community Integration; Canada)
SRICSculptor Input Controller (Cisco)
SRICSnow Removal & Ice Control
SRICSociété du Réseau d'Informatique des Collèges (French: Company Network of Computer Colleges; Canada)
SRICService des Relations Internationales et Culturelles (French: Department of Cultural and International Relations)
SRICSacri Romani Imperii Comes (Latin: Knight of the Holy Roman Empire)
SRICSouthwest Research and Information Center
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The SRIC are basically the operating costs (OPEX) of the copper access network.
NW Suite 808, Washington DC 20006, (202) 887-1872] and SRIC [105 Stanford SE, PO Box 4524, Albuquerque, NM 87106, (505) 262-1862].
PPC was one of the very few people in the institute, who thought that an automotive innovation project should be done at KGP and he supported the initiative by making it an SRIC funded project.
5% to an average 436,277 yen, mirroring the uncertain outlook for corporate earnings and employment, SRIC said.
Eckert also served as advisor, Office of the President of SRIC (Stanford Research International Consulting) for two years.
Entegrity Solutions has helped to establish secure B2B e-commerce solutions with clients and partners such as AOL, IBM, GTE CyberTrust, Hewlett-Packard, INS/Lucent, and SRIC.
Ish joined SRIC in 2009 as India Representative, Sales and Marketing.
Andrea Borruso, Director of Middle East Operations for SRIC commented, "The Middle East has become a major force in global petrochemical production.
The SRIC report assumes that, under normal development circumstances and with the successful completion of a final feasibility study, the Camden project could be operating at 90% capacity in the year 2003 and 100% capacity in 2004.
The innovation theme is highlighted by several presentations at the event including LyondellBasell's innovations in packaging; Reliance Industries emerging polymer markets in India, post the financial crisis; Molecor & Wavin on developments in orientated PVC pipes; Total Petrochemicals new high value PE 100 products; SRIC reports on supply/demand dynamics in the polyester and polyolefin product chains; and Al Azzaz Establishment will present post crisis market developments.
However, if markets allow it, both the Camden and Little Benton deposits could operate at a significantly larger scale than SRIC assumed with potential greater economies of scale and improvement in profitability.
Traffic offenses system maintenance services (SCOT), information and records management (SIGA) and driver~s violations record system (SRIC), reengineering and migration of systems FOLLOW / SRIC.