SRICSocially Responsible Investment Coalition (San Antonio, TX)
SRICSurvival Research Institute of Canada
SRICSociété de Réadaptation et d'Intégration Communautaire (French: Society of Rehabilitation and Community Integration; Canada)
SRICSculptor Input Controller (Cisco)
SRICSnow Removal & Ice Control
SRICSociété du Réseau d'Informatique des Collèges (French: Company Network of Computer Colleges; Canada)
SRICService des Relations Internationales et Culturelles (French: Department of Cultural and International Relations)
SRICSacri Romani Imperii Comes (Latin: Knight of the Holy Roman Empire)
SRICSouthwest Research and Information Center
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SRIC has set a new record in excavation operations by removing earth form 370 km/d of land.
5% to an average 436,277 yen, mirroring the uncertain outlook for corporate earnings and employment, SRIC said.
Linda Henderson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for SRIC commented, "We are so pleased Ish has agreed to take on these new territories.
SRIC senior consultant and author Anthony Pavone commented, "The knowledge of competitive manufacturing costs is important because the business has reached overcapacity.
SRIC consultant and author Sudeep Vaswani commented, "Micro-algae are highly productive compared to conventional biofuels sources.
Author and SRIC senior consultant Ron Smith commented, "According to the International Energy Agency, long term global energy demand is expected to increase by 60% between 2002 and 2030.
As a result of the current financial and economic downturn, SRIC expects the global specialty chemicals market to shrink by approximately 4% to $451 billion in 2009.