SRICSouthwest Research and Information Center
SRICSocially Responsible Investment Coalition (San Antonio, TX)
SRICSurvival Research Institute of Canada
SRICSociété de Réadaptation et d'Intégration Communautaire (French: Society of Rehabilitation and Community Integration; Canada)
SRICSculptor Input Controller (Cisco)
SRICSnow Removal & Ice Control
SRICSociété du Réseau d'Informatique des Collèges (French: Company Network of Computer Colleges; Canada)
SRICService des Relations Internationales et Culturelles (French: Department of Cultural and International Relations)
SRICSacri Romani Imperii Comes (Latin: Knight of the Holy Roman Empire)
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SRIC has set a new record in excavation operations by removing earth form 370 km/d of land.
Center spokesman Don Hancock said that "SRIC feels that the permit request was incomplete and did not adequately address the real reason that DOE wants shielded containers."
Notes Russell Heinen, vice-president of SRIC, "Due to the rapid growth in biodiesel production, the potential supply of glycerin may exceed 10 times current demand.
The decrease in biannual bonuses is the second in a row from last winter and the first for summer in two years, SRIC Corp.
SRIC revised up its forecast for fiscal 2000 by 0.2 point to 0.5% growth.