SSAWSkillset Screen Academy Wales (UK)
SSAWSchool Students Against War (UK)
SSAWSocial Software in the Academy Workshop
SSAWPiral Submerged Arc-Welded (pipes)
SSAWSynovial Sarcomas of the Abdominal Wall (pathology)
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Since a new weight factor [mathematical expression not reproducible], which is based on the ratio of [[sigma].sub.i] to [[sigma].sub.[s.sub.i]], is introduced in our developed approach, we call it as SSAW. The weight factor [[alpha].sub.i] is larger than 1 and increases with respect to the ratio of [[sigma].sub.i] to [[sigma].sub.[s.sub.i]].
The de-trended GMSL time series (after removing the trend) is shown in Figure 3 with blue solid line, which is then processed with traditional and SSAW and finally the trend is added back to the reconstructed signal.
(SSAW , n.p.) The Popular Front united fighter and worker under the aegis of antifascism, a concern Olson references as "a common cause." Yet as stated here, democracy is defined less in opposition to fascism than by the bond it generates between fighter and worker, with the goal of their union finally left unspecified.
Growth performance and SSAW were statistically analyzed using the general linear model procedure of SAS (2004), and the mean AW and NW of geese were compared by using the LSMEANS statement.
The effects of stocking density and genetic line on SSAW and IAW in White Roman geese during 6 to 14 weeks of age are shown in Table 4.
No significant difference was observed in SSAW and IAW among the three stocking densities at 6 weeks of age (Table 4), suggesting that the HD applied in this study presented a satisfactory growth performance but not sufficient space for avoiding IAW.
The project is entering a new phase of development aimed at boosting international awareness of the quality of education offered by SSAW courses and developing relationships within the creative industries.
She has a strong network of contacts within the creative industries sector in Wales, upon which she can draw to create further work experience opportunities for SSAW students and graduates..
Steve Rolf, 16, a pupil at Bro Morgannwg School in the Vale of Glamorgan and member of SSAW, said: 'Recruitment centres like this one are sending our young people to die in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Steve Rolf, 16, a pupil at Bro Morgannwg School in the Vale of Glamorgan, and member of SSAW, said: 'How can Tony Blair say Iraq is on the road to recovery, when over 800 people were killed there this month?'
Other features found on some vintage pipelines include mechanical couplings, lap-welded and SSAW pipe, oxy-acetylene girth welds, wrinkle bends, and so on, depending on the specific pipeline.