SSELSocial Science Experimental Laboratory (California Institute of Technology; Pasadena, CA)
SSELStandard Statistical Establishment List (census)
SSELSolid-State Electronics Laboratory (University of Michigan)
SSELSession Selector
SSELSpace Science and Engineering Laboratory (Montana State University and Penn State University)
SSELService Support Equipment Lead (Naval Air Systems Command; US Navy)
SSELSeismograph Service England Limited
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The SSEL is a complete directory of establishments in single-establishment and multiestablishment enterprises with one employee or more, irrespective of industry.
The SSEL is important because it is a current file containing a complete list of establishments and companies that have paid employees.
The second, the Longitudinal Research Database (LRD), covers only manufacturing establishments, but it contains a longer list of variables than the SSEL, especially for plants with 250 employees or more.
In the section on low-wage workers and low-wage firms, attention is directed to a hypothetical project that could be undertaken if the SIPP file was linked to the SSEL, the LRD, or the ES.
iS m rali na erut of oc m telp ed w ro ks ni any WT O y srae gnitsoc ro uq a itn ty (in Km) ton ssel th na
Eu-wide invitation to tender insurance benefit fd verwaltungsgemeinschaft eutin / ssel
SSEL and Hitachi Metal Ltd Japan have inked a MOU to further collaborate on development of higher capacity transformers to support energy efficient initiative propagated by the Indian government.
Implementing agency : Gemeinde Ssel, Der Brgermeister
Contact point(s): Gemeinde Ssel, Brogebude Albert-Mahlstedt-Strae 13, 23701 Eutin
Traditionally the butt of many jokes, this year's line-up of extraordinary Eurovision acts includes a Finnish contribution which apparently draws inspiration from "mysterious runic symbols inscribed on the bows of Viking boats, door posts and drinking ve ssels".
Studies have found that UV rays trigger the release of a compound called nitric oxide from the skin, ssels, causing which relaxes blood vessels, causing blood pressure to fall.
Controlled by Bru ssels, these institutions will be more remote,more expensive,and,of course,considerably less democratic than our present local councils.