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SSHSecure Shell
SSHSea Surface Height (US Navy forecasting tool)
SSHSecure Socket Shell
SSHSocial Sciences and Humanities
SSHSouth Shore Hospital (Weymouth, Massachusetts)
SSHSociety for Simulation in Healthcare (also seen as SSIH; Minneapolis, MN)
SSHSimultaneous Sample and Hold (recording)
SSHScottish Sports Horse (Scotland, UK)
SSHSmall Stakes Hold 'em (poker book)
SSHSubstantial Security Holder
SSHSharm El Sheikh, Egypt - Ophira (Airport Code)
SSHScientist SlaughterHouse (Half-Life game mod)
SSHStrategic Software Holdings
SSHSuper Sonic Hedgehog (video games)
SSHSpatial-Spectral Holography
SSHSingle Coil-Single Coil-Humbucker (electric guitars, pickup configuration)
SSHS-Band Shuttle
SSHSunshield Subsystem
SSHSensitive Systems Handbook (US DHS)
SSHScalar Spherical Harmonic
SSHSistemas y Servicios Hidráulicos (Guatemala)
SSHService Subordinate Headquarter
SSHSkate Study House (Newport Beach, CA)
SSHSeason Seat Holder
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Our SSH Gateway provides a centralised access platform that incorporates the protection and reporting features that are missing in popular server implementations.
SSH Tectia is the leading end-to-end communications security solution for the enterprise.
Not only does the SSH Tectia client/server solution provide robust and time-tested security, but SSH Tectia Manager also enables easy deployment and maintenance, and provides effective environment monitoring from a central location.
Until now, mainframe users have been struggling with integration challenges when trying to secure their FTP, TN3270, and other application connections between mainframes and Windows, Unix, and Linux systems," said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security.
SSH has been instrumental in increasing market penetration for MedAssets Supply Chain Systems, including securing the following partial list of customers: Mobile Infirmary Medical Center (AL), University of North Carolina Health Care System (NC), Sisters of Charity Providence Hospital (SC), North Mississippi Medical Center (MS), East Tennessee Children's Hospital (TN), Orlando Regional Healthcare System (FL), and Leesburg Regional Medical Center (FL).
Matthew McKenna, chief commercial officer, SSH Communications Security, said:
SSH Risk Assessment : Industry-first key location and risk-assessment technology available for free
The new key features and benefits of the SSH Tectia client/server solution 5.
SSH Secure Shell for Handhelds runs secure terminal emulation for remote system administration and port forwarding for remote access.
Wal-Mart also selected SSH Tectia Manager, a comprehensive communications security management platform, to manage the enterprise-wide SSH Tectia security solution.
The new SSH Tectia products for secure file transfer were designed to meet the growing requirements to upgrade unsecured FTP connections to SFTP with minimum integration effort," said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security.