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SSIASocial Services Improvement Agency (various locations)
SSIAShoe Service Institute of America
SSIASpecial Savings Incentive Account
SSIAState Systemwide Investment Approach (California)
SSIASubject Says It All
SSIASuccessful Schools In Action (Seattle, Washington)
SSIAStop Speaking in Acronyms
SSIASecurity Seal Industry Association (UK)
SSIASnowSports Industries America
SSIASignal Strength Indication of the Acknowledge (frames)
SSIASingle-Stage Implosion Assembled
SSIASo Sorry in Advance
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Thousands of Irish people are planning to splash their SSIA savings cash on plastic surgery.
The SIMI at tributes much of the success for the industry in 2007 to the release of the SSIA money.
The couple, friends since their schooldays and together for seven years, planned to use their SSIA cash to splash out on a magical day for 200 guests.
A number of people are also believed to be splashing out with the arrival of the first SSIA savings scheme in the New Year.
SSIA serves approximately 1,400 clients with asset volumes exceeding $10 trillion (as of June 30, 2011), offering comprehensive services in performance, risk and strategic analysis that help them monitor and measure the success of their investment strategies in any market and in any asset class, including alternative investments.
COMEDIAN Brendan O'Carroll has been forced to blow his hard-saved SSIA cash - on a film project which almost left him broke.
The savvy SSIA saving scheme has boosted spending power, albeit in the short term, with much of the money going on holidays, home improvements and cars.
The report also suggests that SSIA funds are having little impact in the car market.
SSIA serves approximately 1,100 customers with asset volumes exceeding $5.
The Government hopes to foster the success of the SSIA scheme by adapting it into a new public pension programme.