SSLESub-Surface Laser Engraving
SSLESolving Systems of Linear Equations
SSLESafety, Security and Law Enforcement (US DOI)
SSLESkin-Surface Lipid Extraction (microbiology)
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Consequently, the Hessian of objective function needs to be approximated by Monte Carlo (or quasi-Monte-Carlo) rule, while for the SSLE methods the approximation is not necessary.
Wang, "Parallel SSLE algorithm for large scale constrained optimization," Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol.
How will the learning materials be designed in split-attention and worked examples formats affect the learning in a programming language course between SSLE and DSLE?
Alternatively, as shown in Figure 1, the teacher can also use one of these two screens to be an SSLE through the display controller of digital table.
In a traditional computer classroom with a single projector (SSLE), the teacher must switch the teaching views between the instructional slides and the programming development environment.
The twenty-one participants (six females and fifteen males) involved in the Single-Screen (SS) group were taught in the SSLE. The nineteen participants (five females and fourteen males) assigned to the Dual-Screen (DS) group were assigned to learn in the DSLE.
In the SSLE, the teacher switches instructional screen views and uses programming language software to demonstrate the corresponding programming instances.