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STAXStreaming API for XML
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I approached Stax DevCorp to see if they could help, because of their unique combination of experience in financial services and healthcare, interests in social enterprise, and because they thought differently about creating new businesses and partnerships," said Ben Geyerhahn, CEO and Founder of BeneStream.
The National Cotton Council says STAX should satisfy the complaints Brazil has made to the WTO about the U.
It's next door to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, a tourist attraction that celebrates its 10th birthday this year.
The Stax legacy also lives on through the adjacent Stax Music Academy, which is educating the next generation of Soul communicators.
But, the first one at Stax was for a bluesman called Prince Conley called I'm Going Home.
Most recently he worked as a session musician for Stax Records and appeared on Al Green's 'I Can't Stop' and Cyndi Lauper's 'Memphis Blue's, both of which were nominated for Grammy awards.
By presenting the material in a digital, game-based format, Number Stax makes math accessible,
Liverpool Maritime Museum is to become a "rock 'n' soul mate" of Memphis's Cotton Museum, while there are also discussions under way between LIPA and Memphis's Stax Academy.
Rufus Thomas: One of the premier recording artists at STAX.
The third edition adds sections on the StAX API for XML documents, automatic driver loading, and the Derby database.
The familiar finger-snapping logo of Stax Records in the '60s signified not only a sweet soul label, but one of the first fully integrated studios, where black and white musicians, songwriters and executives worked together to create a uniquely American sound.