StGBStrafgesetzbuch (German penal code)
StGBSawtoothed Grain Beetle
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STGB [section][section] 61, 66; see also Albrecht, supra note 211, at 213 ("Germany has adopted a two-track system of criminal sanctions: one track for criminal punishment (which requires a finding of guilt and the determination of a fine or a prison sentence) and another providing for so-called measures for rehabilitation and protection of public security.
See StGB [section] 17 (providing for the mistake of law excuse in limited circumstances in which "the perpetrator lacks the appreciation that he is doing something wrong"); see also VAN VERSEVELD, supra note 24, at 34--36 (explaining that the crux of the inquiry turns on defining the required knowledge: "Is this knowledge of the legal prohibition, including all its technicalities?
19) Por ejemplo: Alemania, StGB emitido en 1871, [seccion] 35; Espana, Codigo Penal de 1995, art.
Si faltan indicios tambien puede servir como fundamento para el calculo el de las ganancias generadas normalmente en la rama o sector de que se trate (el [section] 73b StGB permite que se pueda proceder a la valoracion o estimacion de la cuantia de lo obtenido).
In this view, the parents and/or the circumciser are not excused under section 17 StGB.
84) The day fine is usually imposed as a minimum of five and a maximum of three hundred and sixty units, however in cases in which more than one offence has been committed, the number may be increased to a maximum of 720 day fine units: StGB [section] 54(2).
XX, en la legislacion penal alemana, junto al StGB fur das Deutsche Reich de 1871, ha existido una extensa legislacion penal accesoria.
Vierunddreissigstes Strafrechtsanderungsgesetz--[section] 129b StGB [The 34th Amendment Act], Aug.
In Austria, Article 165 of the StGB sets forth the offense of money laundering, which includes narcotics trafficking as a predicate offense for money laundering.
el [seccion] 261 II StGB aleman castiga en su numero primero a quien procure (versachaffen) a un tercero un objeto procedente de alguno de los delitos catalogados en el [seccion] 261.
1 StGB for making available virtual or real pornographic content.