StGBStrafgesetzbuch (German penal code)
StGBSawtoothed Grain Beetle
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Esse modelo, conforme os moldes propostos por Kuhlen atraves de sua interpretacao do [section]324 StGB, ao visar a preservacao das condicoes naturais da vida, da margem a legitimacao dos tipos penais acumulativos que visam evitar riscos ambientais futuros (GUIRAO, 2002, p.
(3.) [section] 131 StGB states that distributing media "die Gewalttatigkeiten gegen Menschen in grausamer und unmenschlicher Weise schildern oder die zum Rassenhass aufstacheln" ["which depict violence against human beings in gruesome and inhumane fashion or incite racial hatred"] are punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine.
(220.) STGB [section][section] 61, 66; see also Albrecht, supra note 211, at 213 ("Germany has adopted a two-track system of criminal sanctions: one track for criminal punishment (which requires a finding of guilt and the determination of a fine or a prison sentence) and another providing for so-called measures for rehabilitation and protection of public security....
(104.) See StGB [section] 17 (providing for the mistake of law excuse in limited circumstances in which "the perpetrator lacks the appreciation that he is doing something wrong"); see also VAN VERSEVELD, supra note 24, at 34--36 (explaining that the crux of the inquiry turns on defining the required knowledge: "Is this knowledge of the legal prohibition, including all its technicalities?
There is only one (federal) Code of Criminal Law (Strafgesetzbuch, StGB) and one (federal) Code of Criminal Procedure (Strafprozessordnung, StPO).
(48.) Note that there is a separate offense titled "aggravated sexual abuse of children" covered by STGB [section] 176a.