STPOStrategic Targets Product Office
STPOSpace-Time Power Optimization
STPOShort-Term Power Output (exercise)
STPOSpatial-Temporal Potentials Organization
StPOStrafprozessordnung (German: code of criminal procedure)
STPOSewage Treatment Plant Operator
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See [section] 250 GERMAN STPO (providing that interrogation of a
251, 254 GERMAN STPO (providing that "imports" of transcripts
According to section 136a StPO, suspects must not be physically and psychologically mistreated and interrogations have to stop when suspects are fatigued.
Section 100c StPO, the law that regulates wiretapping, provides guidelines as to when an intrusion into the private sphere of an individual is legitimate, but it also states that any intrusion (e.
For some cases section 338 StPO enumerates a list of errors that automatically lead to a new trial.
In Germany, for instance, section 362 StPO allows for a reopening (and a bypass of the otherwise strong prohibition against double jeopardy) if an acquittal was based on a forged document or perjured witness.
48) When I refer to the German Code of Criminal Procedure I will use the abbreviation common in Germany: StPO (Strafprozessordnung).
97) In Germany, according to section 160 StPO "[t]he public prosecution office shall ascertain not only incriminating but also exonerating circumstances.
155 II StPO "[T]he courts shall be authorized and obliged to act autonomously" in their pursuit of the truth.
Work on the replacement of transformers, circuit breakers, high voltage cables and posts STPO Thoron and Thoron 1 3 cells.