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StabexSystem for the Stabilisation of ACP and OCT Export Earnings (EU)
StabexSistema di stabilizzazione dei proventi da esportazione
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49 million Stabex arrears are converted into a revolving fund to support Kenya's coffee sector as the financing was initially meant to be.
The new Stabex HF LED high power torchlight is certified for use in hazardous gas (Zone 0, 1 and 2) and hazardous dust (Zone 21 and 22) environments to the latest European and international standards.
The STABEX fund was limited to certain products, and the product was to have at least 5% share in the foreign trade of the country.
En 1997, la OMC determino que el STABEX violaba sus clausulas de tratamiento y, por tanto, estaba destinado a ser reemplazado por un sistema de creditos directos (LeClair 2002).
En otras palabras, 33 millones de ecus por ano, que implicaban una parte programable de 115 millones de ecus (para los programas orientativos por cada PTU y cooperacion regional), y otra no programable de 50 millones dedicada a las distintas herramientas tematicas (capitales de riesgo, STABEX, SYSMIN, bonificaciones de interes, ayudas de urgencia y refugiados) (CCE, 1999, 26).
In Lome 11 the Sysmin mechanism similar to Stabex, was introduced for mining products.
FLEX replaced the old ACP STABEX export earnings stabilisation scheme.
22) Los programas de ayuda no programable, tales como Stabex y Sysmin, fueron incluidos en la ayuda programable.
It was beginning to lobby the European Union to unfreeze Stabex funds to help compensate Burundi for its coffee export revenue losses.
The money is being made available through the European Union's (EU) Stabex mechanism for the program, that starts this year and runs to the end of 2002;
A compensatory mechanism in Lome I was created under the STABEX scheme to make up for losses in export earnings due to price fluctuations.
In the Cotonou Agreement, FLEX replaced STABEX, and provides general budget support instead of sector-specific assistance.