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StabexSystem for the Stabilisation of ACP and OCT Export Earnings (EU)
StabexSistema di stabilizzazione dei proventi da esportazione
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The coffee debt waiver was to give farmers a fresh start and ensure the USD $16.49 million Stabex arrears are converted into a revolving fund to support Kenya's coffee sector as the financing was initially meant to be.
The new Stabex HF LED high power torchlight is certified for use in hazardous gas (Zone 0, 1 and 2) and hazardous dust (Zone 21 and 22) environments to the latest European and international standards.
The STABEX fund was limited to certain products, and the product was to have at least 5% share in the foreign trade of the country.3 Moreover, the processing of applications was lengthy and cumbersome and thus did not serve the purpose.
With respect to the two major compensatory financing schemes (the IMF'S Compensatory Financing Facility and the European Community STABEX system), the authors found only minor stabilization effects.
The weight of these arguments led to a number of proposals for stabilizing export prices or earnings of LDCS, some of which have been implemented (e.g., the STABEX Fund of the EEC and the IMF's Compensatory Finance Facility) and some of which have not (e.g., the Integrated Program for Commodities proposed by the UNCTAD).
In addition, farmers owed Stabex funds amounting to Sh1.7 billion, which came from the European Union and were administered through the Co-operative Bank of Kenya (interest accrued from the Stabex funds was Sh700 million).
Under the convention, the European Community gave non-reciprocal trade preferences to ACP countries and established the Stabex compensatory scheme for loss of export earnings due to price fluctuations.
En esta misma direccion, ademas de areas como la ayuda humanitaria o la financiacion del ajuste estructural, frecuentemente utilizadas en la mayor parte de los esquemas de cooperacion al desarrollo, en el ambito puramente comercial, los Acuerdos de Lome han contado con instrumentos ciertamente diferentes a los habituales, entre los que destacan los Stabex o los Sysmin.
FLEX replaced the old ACP STABEX export earnings stabilisation scheme.
(22) Los programas de ayuda no programable, tales como Stabex y Sysmin, fueron incluidos en la ayuda programable.