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SFORStabilization Force
SFORSecurity Force
SFORSyracuse Festival of Races (Syracuse, NY)
SFORSustainment Forces (US military)
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Sometimes the stabilization force is provided by gravity.
Israel Radio said any cease-fire will only take effect once an international stabilization force has deployed in southern Lebanon.
The 1999 war in Kosovo would bring its own challenges to Gen Montgomery Meigs, commander of the Bosnian Stabilization Force and V Corps.
Soldiers of the Stabilization Force (SFOR) Multinational Brigade (North) helped deliver approximately 1,000 weapons and 3,000 rifle magazines to the Zenica Steel Factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina for destruction earlier this year.
The soldier was the first Dane killed since Denmark sent about 400 soldiers this summer to join the stabilization force around Basra.
He urged the international community to prepare for deployment of an international military stabilization force, which would be necessary to guarantee security for the people of Liberia.
Montgomery Meigs, then commander of the Balkan stabilization force, we were forced to "do less" because the Pentagon claimed it could not send more peacekeeping troops.
The PSU also provides a personal security officer for the deployed task force commanders in Tuzla, Kosovo, and the commander, stabilization force in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
Along with about 3,000 members of the 11,000-member division, Ortner headed for Bosnia in August for peacekeeping operations as part of the Stabilization Force (SFOR).
I rode with SFOR (the International Stabilization Force in Bosnia) through Sarajevo's infamous sniper alley, its shattered bullet-riddled residential areas.