StachyStachybotrys (fungii)
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Background: Stachys tibetica Vatke (Himalayan or mountain tea) grows abundantly in the tropical and subtropical locations of the world including India, Tibet and China.
Numerous species from the Lamiaceae familly have previously been reported to possess anxiolytic activity including Stachys tibetica, Stachys lavandulifolia, Salvia officinalis, Salvia elegans, Salvia, reuterana, and Scutellaria baicalensis (Rabbani et al.
Preliminary pharmacognostical and phytochemical evaluation of Stachys tibetica Vatke.
Effects of Stachys tibetica essential oil in anxiety.
The object of the public works contracts is the realization of the works called "stachy - sewerage, sewage treatment plants and water supply" in the cadastral stachy - inner part of the village, michalov jchymov, k.
a) the description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts fulfilled: The proposed building has for its implementation to ensure leakage and waste water from the village Stachy including selected local areas.
b) a description of the subject contract: The contract is the construction of the sewer drains for the purpose of drainage selected parts of Stachy - Michal, Jchymova, Jarokov, of fountains and the inner part of Stachy.
Vltavice - Lenora - Zton forest, Stachy - Churnov - N.
District PT: BorovEi Lada, Ckyne, Upper Vltavice, Hracholusky, Malovice, Stachy, Guardian, Strunkovice over BlanicE[degrees], Saint Mary, Sumava Hostice, Vlachovo BrezE[degrees] ZEiblatE[degrees], Zbytiny, ZdE[degrees]kov;