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Single crystal studies have exposed that twining plays a significant role in dynamic recrystallization, yet in polycrystalline materials twining can play an important role in the propagation of dynamic recrystallization, mainly in low stacking fault energy alloys.
There is a direct selection among the stacking fault energy and therefore the degree of dissociation of dislocations with their capability to climb, and the sharpness of cells walls.
Caption: Figure 2: Variation of core structure parameter [eta] with respect to the dislocation's distance to the surface for various normalized unstable stacking fault energy for screw dislocations.
Caption: Figure 4: Variation of the amplification factors of Peierls stress for a screw dislocation with respect to its distance to the surface for various normalized unstable stacking fault energy.
This higher tensile stress was mainly caused by solid-solution hardening and a lower stacking fault energy (SFE).
Among the topics are the influence of stacking fault energy on the twin spacing of copper and copper-aluminum alloys, the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy of dislocation core dissociations in gold and iridium, the dissociation of near-screw dislocations in Germanium and Silicon, and dislocations in shock-loaded titanium diboride.
The value of the maximum GSF energies and, if it exists, the stable stacking fault energy for all the slip systems are given in Table 1.
In particular, the Redfield-Zangwill model [15] considering the influence of interfaces on stacking fault energy was found applicable in interpreting phase stability in multilayers.
Among his topics are processing methods for nanomaterials, defect structure in low stacking fault energy nanomaterials, correlation between defect structure and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials, the thermal stability of defect structures, and relationships between microstructure and hydrogen storage properties in nanomaterials.
The intrinsic stacking fault energy has been traditionally used to describe the ease with which a metal plastically deforms by twinning in competing with dislocation-mediated slip.
where b is the value of Burgers vector, [A.sub.3] is a dimensionless constant, [beta] is a constant (~0.04), Q is the self-diffusion activation energy, R is the gas constant, T is the absolute temperature, [D.sub.PO] is the frequency factor for pipe diffusion, G is the shear modulus, [v.sub.0] is the initial dislocation velocity, k is Boltzmann's constant, y is the stacking fault energy, and H is the hardness (=3[sigma], where a is the normal stress).
[18] carried out compression tests of Cu-2.2 wt% Al, Cu-4.5 wt% Al, and Cu-6.9wt% Al with different stacking fault energy and investigated the effect of stacking fault energy upon Cu-Al alloys.