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StalagStammlager (main camp; Germany WWII)
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Just as we did to locate the missing tunnel "Dick" near Hut 122 at the site of the Great Escape, Stalag Luft III, in 2003, we used geophysical investigations outside of Hut 9 at Bridgend to successfully detect the tunnel's subsurface position.
The NBP 'system' is a Hollywood-inspired copy of Stalag 13, not an original Filipino idea after all.
From there, Stalag Luft III, built specifically for airmen and dubbed escape-proof by the Germans, beckoned.
The two exchanged dog tags and documents before Groves took Collins' place with the American contingent to Stalag IIB, where he led an active life on a farm at Freest, Pomerania for the following 12 months.
The following year Davies was moved to Stalag Luft III, where he became a leading member of the camp's theatre
In January 1945, the Germans announced that all Jewish POWs in Stalag IXA were to report the following morning.
Jack Poolton of The Royal Regiment of Canada described their departure: "As we walked away from Stalag VIIIB, I didn't even turn around to have a last look.
Heckler and more than 9,000 other POWs were repatriated from Stalag Luft 1 by allied forces.
He was sent to the Stalag Luft prison, east of Berlin, which contained 600-odd prisoners.
In May of 1940, as the German Panzer divisions were slicing through Allied defences and the French army was being routed, Messiaen was captured near Nancy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp, Stalag VIIIA in the vicinity of Gorlitz, Silesia (now Zgorzelec, Poland).
Captured by the Germans at Mortain on August of 1944 and held prisoner in Limberg, Stalag 12A, then Mooseburg, Stalag 7A.
Coffin Corner: The True Story of Kenneth Horrigan, World War II POW in Stalag 17B.