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StalagStammlager (main camp; Germany WWII)
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tells the story of Mendel, Russian-Jewish watchmender and Soviet Army straggler, whose solitary existence living in a forest hideaway is interrupted by the chance arrival of another Russian Jew, Leonid, recently escaped from a German Stammlager for Soviet POWs.
Nash ended up in Stammlager Luft 17-B, a special prison camp in the Austrian wilderness that held 4,200 airmen.
A downed airman, who either bailed out or survived the crash, typically was captured and ultimately found his way to a German Luftwaffe-run prison camp, or "stalag" (the common abbreviation of stammlager, literally translated to mean 'prison for "common stock").
Isabell Sprenger und Walter Kumpmann, "Grofi-Rosen - Stammlager, " in Benz and Distel, Der Ort des Terrors, vol.
Depois, foi transferido para Hannover, Alemanha, permanecendo prisioneiro de guerra no campo de concentracao de Stammlager.
Initially used to detain the hapless prisoners of Germany's early blitzkriegs, Stalag Luft 17-B (Stalag Luft, short for Stammlager Luft, "prison camp for airmen," and 17-B because it was the second prison camp in the German 17th military district) was opened to American POWs in 1943.