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SADSeasonal Affective Disorder
SADSex, Alcohol, Drugs
SADSocial Anxiety Disorder
SADSeek and Destroy
SADSjedinjenih Americkih Država (Bosnian: United States of America)
SADSons and Daughters (band)
SADSupply And Demand
SADSeaford (Amtrak station code; Seaford, DE)
SADSingle Administrative Document
SADStructural Analysis and Design (engineering; various schools)
SADSeparation Anxiety Disorder
SADSearch and Destroy
SADSouth Atlantic Division (USACE)
SADStand and Deliver
SADStandard American Diet
SADSocial Affairs Department (various organizations)
SADSpecial Activities Division (US CIA)
SADStay Another Day
SADSchizoaffective Disorder
SADShiromani Akali Dal (India)
SADSecurity Association Database (computer security, information assurance)
SADSystem Architecture Diagram (computer architecture)
SADSwiss Academy for Development (foundation; Biel, Switzerland)
SADSpecies Abundance Distribution
SADSudden Aspen Decline (forestry; Colorado)
SADSecurity Administration
SADStand Alone Device
SADService Administrative Driver
SADSecurity Association Database
SADSoftware Architectural Design
SADSystem Analysis and Design
SADSum of Absolute Differences
SADState Active Duty (National Guard)
SADSlovenská Autobusová Doprava
SADSelected Area Diffraction
SADSociedad Anónima Deportiva
SADSchool of Architecture and Design
SADSubacromial Decompression
SADSouthern Area District (US FEMA)
SADStatutory Audit Directive
SADSierra Army Depot
SADSorry About Dresden (band)
SADSingle Awareness Day (slang for Valentine's Day)
SADSeizure-Alert Dog
SADScotland Against Drugs (UK)
SADSolar Array Drive
SADSafety Assessment Document
SADSilicon Avalanche Diodes
SADSupplementary Access Device (special pass)
SADSoftware Architecture Description
SADSistema de Adquisición de Datos (Spanish: Data Acquisition Systems)
SADSalon des Artistes Décorateurs (French art group)
SADSource Axis Distance
SADStanford Athletic Department (Stanford University)
SADSistema Acquisizione Dati (Italian: Data Acquisition System)
SADSullen, Angry, Depressed
SADSmall Area Data
SADSummary of Aggregated Deficiencies (audit)
SADSystem Architecture Document
SADSerial Analog Delay
SADSafety Analysis Document
SADStand Alone Dump
SADSystem Activity Display (IBM)
SADSpeech Activity Detector
SADSmall Angle Diffraction
SADSecurity Association Data
SADSjedinjene Amerièke Države (Croatian: United States of America)
SADSenior Air Director
SADSafety & Arming Device
SADSoftware Assembly Descriptor
SADSplitter-And-Delivery (network architecture)
SADSeniors Against Discrimination
SADSummary of Audit Differences
SADSouthern African AIDS Trust
SADSingle, Available, and Desperate
SADSituation Awareness Display
SADSystem Allocation Document
SADSystem Analyst Designer
SADStock Assessment Driven (fisheries)
SADScan Axis Directionality
SADSelf-Aware Data
SADSystem Administrator/Administration
SADsystem application design
SADStation Address Directory
SADSafety Analysis Diagram
SADSolution Architecture Document
SADStatic Airbag Deployment
SADService Application Description
SADStation Arrival Date
SADSafety Assurance Diagram
SADSquare Air Diffuser
SADSpecial Artificer, Special Synthetic Training Devices (US Navy)
SADSpecial Assignment Division
SADStudents Against Destruction
SADStaging Area Director
SADSubmarine Anomaly Detection
SADSpecial Asset Department
SADSite Adaption Data (FAA ARTCC configuration of site resources)
SADStatus Advisory Display
SADStandard Auto Discount (insurance)
SADSpecial Activities Directorate
SADShock Advisory Defibrillation (medical treatment)
SADSupport Air Direction
SADSymptomatic Abdominal Distension
SADSupplementary Alteration Drawing
SADSystems Architectural Directorate
SADStructured ASCI Design
SADSystem Appreciation Document
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Remote unit NOT to be a computer but a stand alone device. Option to lock door upon tag read included.
The VisuALIF is a two-piece, stand alone device indicated for intervertebral body fusion of the lumbar spine.
NuTech Digital Inc (OTCBB:NDGT), a company that supplies products and services for TV and video distribution, announced on 26 September the introduction of FRED, a digital convergence centre which can be purchased either as a stand alone device or together with a subscription to the firm's FRED network services.
One Assett of the solution, a dedicated stand alone device is the ability to "retrofit", enabling users to utilise the latest developments in technology whilst still protecting their investment in legacy systems.
After setup, the camera can be left as a stand alone device requiring only power and trigger connections.
One stand alone device can be shared with the computer modem, either an answering machine or a facsimile machine.
There are even stand alone devices that can take a picture of a page of print and read it aloud in seconds with a clear normal sounding voice!"
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