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SIDSemel in Die (Latin: Once A Day)
SIDSociety for Information Display
SIDSports Information Director
SIDSecurity Identifier
SIDSpecial Improvement District
SIDSociety for International Development
SIDSafer Internet Day (Insafe)
SIDShared Information & Data (model)
SIDSociety for Investigative Dermatology
SIDSudden Infant Death
SIDSoftware in Development (various organizations)
SIDStitch in the Ditch (quilts)
SIDShip in Distress
SIDSystem Identifier
SIDSensory Integration Disorder
SIDSensory Integration Dysfunction
SIDSystem Insight Display (Hewlett Packard)
SIDSound Improvement Disc (acoustics)
SIDStandard Instrument Departure
SIDShared Information and Data
SIDSerial Input Data
SIDSender Id
SIDSociety for Information Displays
SIDSafer Internet Day
SIDSession Id
SIDSales Terminal Identifier
SIDSystem Id
SIDService Id
SIDSource Identification
SIDSolid Ink Density
SIDSubsystem Identification
SIDSignaling Identifier
SIDSequence Id
SIDSecurity Id
SIDSonic Interaction Design
SIDSession Identifier
SIDSource ID
SIDSenior Independent Director (various organizations)
SIDSound Interface Device
SIDSpecialarbejderforbundet I Danmark (Denmark)
SIDStudent Identification Number
SIDService Identifier
SIDScientific Investigation Division (law enforcement; various locations)
SIDStation Identification
SIDSudden Ionospheric Disturbance
SIDState Identification Number
SIDSaab Information Display
SIDSubscriber Identification
SIDSource-to-Image Distance (radiology)
SIDStation Identifier
SIDSide Impact Dummy (auto crash testing)
SIDSituation Display
SIDSpecial Investigation Division
SIDStrong Ion Difference (medical interpretation of complex acid base problems)
SIDSurface-Induced Dissociation (mass spectrometry)
SIDState Inpatient Database
SIDSocial Intelligence Design
SIDSilence Insertion Descriptor
SIDSpecimen Image Database (biodiversity research)
SIDSeverely Intellectually Disabled
SIDSafety in Design
SIDSystems Integration Division
SIDShuttle Integration Device (US NASA)
SIDSecurity in Depth
SIDSupplier Information Database
SIDSpecial Investigation Department (Thailand)
SIDSociedad Internacional para el Desarrollo (Spanish)
SIDSymbolic Interactive Debugger
SIDSingular Indestructible Droid (song)
SIDSilicon Ice Development (video game developer)
SIDSpatially Immersive Display
SIDSeed Industry Development (various locations)
SIDSanitary Improvement District
SIDSecondary Imagery Dissemination
SIDStrategies for International Development (Arlington, VA)
SIDSociété Internationale pour le Développement (French)
SIDSpecial Energy Improvement District (Ohio)
SIDSystem Interface Document
SIDSal, Cape Verde - Amilcar Cabral International (Airport Code)
SIDSystemic Inflammatory Disease
SIDSystème d'information Douanier (French: Customs Information System)
SIDSwift Interface Device
SIDSadistic, Intelligent, Dangerous
SIDStreet Improvement District
SIDSociété Industrielle de Diffusion (French: Industrial Distribution Company)
SIDStructure Identifier
SIDSpectral Information Divergence
SIDSlew Induced Distortion
SIDSidetic (linguistics)
SIDShip Installation Drawing
SIDStructural Interior Design (US Army Corps of Engineers)
SIDSwitch Identifier
SIDSubstitution, Insertion, Deletion
SIDSatellite Identifier
SIDSerial Interface Device
SIDStandard Interface Document
SIDScheduled Implementation Date
SIDSystem Interface Description
SIDSend Identifier
SIDServices Innovants pour Personnes Dépendantes (French: Innovative Services for Dependent Persons)
SIDSodium Ionization Detector
SIDSoftware Independent Data
SIDSource Image Distances
SIDSequence Information Data
SIDStandard Information Display
SIDSystem Identifier for the Database Instance (Oracle)
SIDSubsea Intervention Device
SIDStandard Integrated Desktop
SIDSatellite Infiltration Drone (Knight Rider TV show)
SIDSupplementary Irish Draught (horse breed)
SIDSecurity Investigation Division
SIDSkin Irritant Decontaminant
SIDService Industries Division
SIDSystem Interface Diagram
SIDSequence Interaction Diagram
SIDService Information Dataset
SIDSilent Indicator Description
SIDStrategic Intelligence Digests
SIDSecurity Investigations Division (Armed Forces Retirement Home)
SIDShuffled Iterative Decoding
SIDSeismic Intrusion Detector/Device
SIDSolomon Island Dollar (national currency)
SIDStrip Interior Diffraction
SIDSatisfactory Implementation of Design
SIDStammdaten Identifikationsnummer (German)
SIDSystem Information Directory
SIDStrip of Initial Definition
SIDSystems Inventory Database
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A standard instrument departure (SID) is a part of an instrument clearance that provides terrain clearance until the aircraft is on a published airway or other part of the en route structure, or above the minimum vectoring altitude (high enough for radar identification).
Standard Instrument Departure (SID) procedures simplify clearance delivery, but they also keep aircraft separated in complex airspace.
Notams first, or all SID (standard instrument departure) Notams.
If your departure airport has a standard instrument departure (SID) or an obstacle departure procedure (ODP), and your arrival airport has a standard terminal arrival (STAR), you can make ATC's job easier by including these in your flight plan.
The National Transportation Safety Board determined the prohable cause(s) of this accident to include: "The pilot's failure follow the standard instrument departure as instructed, and his failure to attain a sufficient altitude to maintain clearance from power lines during takeoff in instrument meteorological conditions." Given the evidence and circumstances, there's not much to add.
Pilots love pictures and that's why it's natural to first look for a standard instrument departure (SID).
The Standard Instrument Departure (SID) is a graphic created when traffic density warrants a high level of coordination to reduce pilot and controller workload.
Aircraft are encouraged to use standard instrument departures (SIDs) and standard terminal arrival routes (STARs), but if unable to do so, the pilot should advise ATC immediately.
Precision and non-precision approach procedures, Area navigation (rnav), Standard instrument departures (sid), And standard arrivals (stars).
While some control towers just assign aircraft basic headings and altitudes for departures, others use Standard Instrument Departures.
Emirates Flight Operations and SFO joined together to analyse hundreds of flights to determine actual aircraft climb profiles, the use of certain Standard Instrument Departures and wind gradient encounters, all major causes of noise, in order to identify the best flight paths and minimise noise impacts.
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