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SM2Spider-Man 2 (movie)
SM2Scary Movie 2 (movie)
SM2Standard Missile 2 (US Naval Missiles)
SM2Second Servicing Mission (of the Hubble Telescope)
SM2Signalman Second Class (Naval Rating)
SM2Sstreet Modified 2 (SCCA autocross racing)
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The test was part of a regular military exercise, which began with a Kidd-class guided missile destroyer firing a Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) 60 nautical miles southeast off Taiwan's eastern Port of Hualien to demonstrate its self-defense and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.
Raytheon is currently the sole producer of surface-to-air missiles for the US Navy, including the Standard Missile 2 Block IIIB (a medium-range missile) and Block IV (an extended-range missile).
The plan was to upgrade the Standard Missile 2 Block VA-made by Raytheon-to make it more effective against shorter range TBMs.
is hoping that the Navy will not abandon the Standard Missile 2 Block VA, and maintains that this weapon can perform all the functions the Navy wants.
Suddenly, a siren's ear-shattering scream pierces the night air, and in the blink of an eye, a Standard Missile 2 MK IV emerges from a Vertical Launch System (VLS) and disappears into the night.
Contract Awarded for Equipment and support for Standard Missile 2 (SM2) for Guided Missile Test Set modifications
Contract awarded for through life supprt equipment and return, repair a reshipment of standard missile 2 (sm-2)
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