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StenStandard Ten (statistics)
StenStrike Team Leader Engine (firefighting)
StenSave the Earth Network
StenSheperd, Turpin, Enfield (British WWII-era submachinegun)
StenSacramento Transportation Equity Network (Sacramento, CA)
StenStaphylococcal Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
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Novartis said the priority designation means the FDA review has been shortened to six months from the standard ten months.
The 1930s proved a good period for Standard with new models like the Standard Nine and Standard Ten doing well.
However, from next year onwards, students in standard ten will have to acquire 33 per cent marks in both internals and written tests separately to be able to pass.
This prompted an outcry from classic car enthusiasts after one customer traded in a 1959 Standard Ten for a new Ford Transit.
Under the US FDA's standard ten month review designation, the agency has established a user fee goal date under the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 6 October 2017 for Zilretta (also known as FX006).
Whitman pushed past the standard pentameter line but not so far as to lose the gravitational pull of the standard ten syllables.
The utility-packed device has GPS, LTE (a 4G mobile communications standard ten times faster than 3G) and Google maps that direct the driver through the best route, removing the need for a smart phone.
"I started taking coaching for math from standard ten itself.
There is an arrangement in place whereby shops with less than around pounds 87,000 of 'leviable' profit pay a levy rate below the standard ten per cent to help what Roy endearingly dubs 'Mom and Pop shops'.
He said a tier-based tax must be enforced based on alcohol content, instead of the standard ten percent now.
Premkumar said that 140 students, including 30 from standard ten, have taken TCs and left the school, which has a student strength of 2,370.
readers with even more cash to spend might have gone for the Standard Ten saloon at pounds 668.
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