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STDINStandard Input
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Considering the previous paragraphs, our group sought to create a hands-free cursor control system that would empower individuals who cannot use standard input devices to perform point-and-click operations.
With standard input voltage levels of +28 V [+ or -]4 V, the frequency-agile UHE 2 W design draws 400 mA (max), the 5 W draws 750 mA (max) and the 10 W draws 1.4 A (max).
Comet supports all standard input voltages, including 208, 480, 220 or 600 V.
If your application requires the recording of millivolt or volt signals, a flatbed or vertical-face recorder with a standard input range of 1 mV to 5 V, including 10 selectable voltages within this range, would be a good choice.
Both IDA products support standard input fields and utilize the extended search features of NDIS, PC-Plus' National Directory Inquiry System.
The volume variance, related only to fixed overhead, is measured as the difference between the denominator volume input and standard input allowed times the standard rate for fixed overhead.
At 32 channels (16 analog and 16 digital), the PMA 360 has the largest standard input capacity of all the machines on the market.
Interactive utilities, such as a screen editor, expect their standard input file to have the characteristics of a terminal device.
Nelson, New Zealand, November 07, 2015 --( Standard input materials currently used in the plastics industry have been almost completely petrochemical based.
The AD9559 translator IC synchronously converts any standard input frequency to any standard output frequency at up to 1.25 GHz with sub-400-fs RMS (root mean square) total jitter over a 12-kHz to 20-MHz integration bandwidth.
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