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SOIStatistics Of Income (IRS)
SOISouthern Oscillation Index (see ENSO)
SOIStatement of Interest (various organizations)
SOIShadow of Infinity (trading card game)
SOIStatement of Intent
SOIStart of Injection (engines)
SOISphere of Influence
SOIStage of Involvement (software development)
SOISchool Of Infantry
SOISpin-Orbit Interaction (physics)
SOISource of Information
SOISolicitation of Interest (various locations)
SOISocieta Oftalmologica Italiana (Italian: Italian Society of Ophthalmology)
SOIShadow of Israphael (web series)
SOIStructure of Intellect
SOISmall Outline I-Leaded Package
SOISilicon on Insulator
SOIService Oriented Infrastructure
SOISystem on Insulator
SOISchool of Informatics (various locations)
SOISurvey Of India
SOIService-Oriented Integration
SOISaturn Orbit Insertion
SOISpecial Olympics Inc.
SOISecretary of the Interior
SOISons of Iraq (Sunni tribal group; Iraq)
SOISick of It
SOISolar Oscillations Investigation
SOISurvey of Israel
SOISit On It
SOIStart of Image
SOIShell Offshore, Inc. (Shell Exploration and Production Company)
SOISignal Of Interest
SOISignal Operating Instructions
SOISeverity of Illness (medical charting)
SOISymphony Orchestra Institute (various locations)
SOISound of Inevitability (gaming guild)
SOISemiconductor on Insulator
SOISocietà Orticola Italiana (Italian Horticultural Society)
SOIState of Insanity
SOIStrategic Outsoucing Incorporated (Charlotte, NC)
SOISpace Object Identification
SOISummary of Information
SOISum of Infeasibilities
SOISupplier-Owned Inventory
SOISpreading Odontogenic Infection (dentistry)
SOISurgical Orthotopic Implantation
SOIStandard of Identity (bottled water labeling)
SOISyrian Olympiad in Informatics (competition)
SOIShadows of Isildur (game)
SOIScamp Owners International
SOISensor of Interest
SOIService Order Input
SOISignal Operation Instruction(s)
SOISea of Insanity (webcomic)
SOIStandard Operating Instruction(s)
SOIShares on Issue
SOIStanding Operating Instructions
SOIStandard Operator Interface
SOIShare of Ink (public-relations)
SOIState Oceanographic Institute of Roshydromet (Russia)
SOISource of Impact
SOISeen or Implied
SOISyllabus of Instruction
SOIStatement of Operating Intent (Canada)
SOISlipped on Ice (medical; cause of an accident)
SOISeeds of Insanity (gamers clan)
SOIStore Operating Income
SOISolar Oscillations Imagery
SOISystem Operating Instruction (how to operate One System, Nuclear Power)
SOIStudent Outreach Intern
SOISecurity Operations Instructions
SOIScripted OS (Operating System) Install (Symantec)
SOISales Office Identification
SOISpinscan Ozone Imager
SOISupply Operating Instruction
SOISelected Opportunistic Infectious
SOIStandards Organisation of Iran
SOISustainment Operating Instruction (US Air Force)
SOISwitchboard Operating Instruction
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According to Kessler, "That claim implies that it is something different, but in our standard of identity there are no eggs in macaroni.
The Clean Label standard is based on the 'Whole Foods standard,' which is the guideline the industry is using because there is no government-issued standard of identity for natural or clean food products.
How can the oil producer/seller guarantee to the chain/importer that the product that states "extra virgin olive oil" on the label (which is a legal standard of identity in the U.
The USDA FSIS requires all raw meat and poultry products not meeting a standard of identity, that also have added solutions, to declare the percentage solution as part of the name.
Along those lines, the petition calls for a legal definition for the word "hummus," known in the FDA as a Standard of identity.
standard of identity with various grades; unfortunately, some retailers have launched natural ketchup in a 'Grade B' formulation without identifying it as such, versus the normal 'Grade A/Extra Fancy' formulation that consumers are used to.
He said "an Iraqi equals another Iraqi without any discrimination," noting that the standard of identity will be the United Identity after the cancellation of the certificate of nationality.
To emphasize that the Real ice Cream is, indeed, real ice cream, Sonic has added a note to its menu that explains the Food and Drug Administration's standard of identity for ice cream requires that the product have a minimum of 10% milk fats and 20% milk solids, implying that its new frozen dessert meets those standards.
His point is well taken, that a single drop of black blood changes the individual's sense of identity and the community's standard of identity.
And, in addition to Standard of Identity requirements, bottled water companies must follow the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA), which sets rules for labels including: serving sizes, format, and placement of the label on the food package.
Yogurt manufactured using the Fonterra process meets the Codex standard of identity regarding minimal levels of live and active cultures, allowing it to be labeled and sold as fresh yogurt.
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