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04 indicates that there was statistically significant difference between the two groups, which are reflected only in relation to the 20 m dash, Standing broad jump and Sit-ups, where the experimental group had a statistically better result in comparison to the control group at the level of p = 0.
Statistically significant differences between the pretests and posttests for the experimental group in 20m run, the standing broad jump test, Mushroom Float and Walking in the pool.
This competition will include the following 11 events: Plie Squats, Pull-ups, Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump, Football Target Throw, Zig Zag Run into Power Sled Push, Kettle Bell Seated Rope Pull, Push-ups, Soccer Ball Kick into Goal, Core Test and a Final Run (approx.
0-inch standing broad jump and finished the three-cone drill in 7.
Three measures of anaerobic power were assessed: vertical jump (VJ), standing broad jump (SBJ), and Wingate Anaerobic Test (WAnT).
Chess players, archers and shooters will have to go through any one of these fitness tests -- 50 metre dash, standing broad jump or 1,000 metre race/ walk.
Firstly three groups executed performance tests such as: vertical jump test, standing broad jump test, 9.
Standing broad jump, three consecutive broad jumps, and overhead shot put toss were measured in meters (m) and centimeters (cm), respectively.
He would also win the "Greek Style" discus throw and take the bronze in the standing broad jump.
A standing broad jump begins where we are now and moves forward.