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SO4Star Ocean: the Last Hope (video game)
SO4Star Ocean 4 (computer game)
SO4Shout Out Out Out Out (Canadian band)
SO4Superior Oblique 4 (cranial nerve)
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Super Monkey Ball: Step And Roll puts the Wii Balance Board to good use and Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is an enjoyable RPG on PS3.
h o ck here Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Platform: PS3.
Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox360) AS AN old gamer I am well aware of the standing of Square Enix in the gaming world, but my last foray into the JRPG world was back on the PS1 with some Final Fantasy game (I forget which) where I was immediatley put off by the turn based combat mode and random combat scenarios, felt it was getting in the way of enjoyment.