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Arnold Schwarzenegger - who named Starr the State Librarian Emeritus.
The Starr Group aims to provide all customers with superior service and requires all service team members to meet high educational standards with the intent of not only being an insurance provider, but also a trusted advisor.
According to Starr officials, the decision to enter the crop-insurance market is an outgrowth of the hiring last year of Bob Coords as head of Starr Specialty Reinsurance, a division of Starr Indemnity & Liability Company.
For decades, the Starr agencies--American International Marine Agency of New York Inc.
Starr thought that Taft team was overconfident and had chemistry issues.
Instead, Starr gave himself the burden of explaining how the court got to its current place in the political landscape--not justifying or attacking it.
In the end, Lily gains the confidence to demand more respect, Starr self-destructs, and Dee Dee, we see, is on the way to becoming another Starr.
He use to wrestle with a stuffed elephant named Dumbo," said Iona Starr, Wavell's mother.
Starr is still active, perhaps even holding sealed indictments, as Congress debates the future of the Independent Counsel Act.
This sort of scenario is commonplace in federal prosecutions, so it was natural for Kenneth Starr and his deputies to swing "cooperation" deals with the likes of convicted former Arkansas judge David Hale and admitted felon and former Clinton business partner James McDougal (who died last year).
Along the way, Starr badgered, threatened, and strong-armed a series of witnesses, many of whom ran up crushing legal bills and had their lives turned upside down for no good reason.
He fired off a letter to Starr on July 3 objecting to the questioning.