StatCastStatistical Multiplexing (Phillips digital cable)
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StatCast typically had some of the lowest errors on all case days for the first 45-60 min.
StatCast trained using local pyranometer data was better than smart persistence, even at short time scales (15 min-3 h), and TSICast, which uses multiple sky imagers as well as statistical learning techniques, improved upon persistence for time ranges of less than 15 min.
Described in the three companies Emmy Award-winning entry, A Three-Dimensional Doppler Radar System to Track and Display Fast-Moving Pitched and Hit Balls, Statcast is now installed in all MLB stadiums to provide official ball and player data for on-air presentations of statistics and graphics, including visual tracers of the balls flight path.
In addition, Statcast tracks player position and movement, and combines real-time information with historical data to calculate higher-order statistics such as catch probability of hit balls.
Sweden, and the Czech Republic collaborated to develop the TRACAB and Virtual Placement components of Statcast.
Prior to his appointment at Broadcast Pix, Prince was Senior Vice President of business development for ChyronHego, where he developed a relationship with MLB Advanced Media to provide technology that now drives MLB's unique Statcast fan engagement system.
Kluber, according to Statcast, threw his four-seam fastball 12.
StatCast leverages local pyranometer measurements and trains regime-dependent artificial network models from 15 min out to 3 h (McCandless et al.