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StatMuxStatistical Multiplexer
StatMuxStatistical Time Division Multiplexing
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With Elemental Statmux and encoding from Elemental[R] Live, new choices and opportunities arise for determining an ideal mux pool.
In contrast to most hardware-based equipment, Elemental Statmux can potentially operate as part of a linear TV solution embedded within the encoder or as a standalone system.
Alternatively, some operators may deploy separate standalone encoders and statmux units.
For example, Elemental Live encoders support seamless input switching that allows for changing sources with zero dropped frames; node redundancy configured through Elemental[R] Conductor management software; delivery of statistical multiplexing complexity data to multiple Elemental Statmux units; and output listening for 1+1 redundancy scenarios.
We provide portable hardware and efficient encoding and with our patented Inverse StatMux technology, our goal is to make every transmission a success," Mousa explained.
HT was an early supplier of modem components and DSU technology to OEMs and also has its own line of DSU/CSU, StatMux and T1 Channel Bank products that are sold through distribution.
Imedia StatMux is an innovative, real-time statistical multiplexing compression technology that enables full-quality transmission of 24 different programs over a single analog transponder (the same bandwidth as that of one analog television channel).
Now, HITS plans to deploy Imedia StatMux on a significant portion of its digital line-up.
An operator using Imedia StatMux technology can "cherry-pick" from the vast number of programs offered by HITS and easily tailor programming for his or her own cable system.
Using Imedia StatMux, cable operators can offer localized Near Video-On-Demand (NVOD) service by downloading a digital copy of a movie from satellite, storing it on disk, and presenting it at multiple start times of the operator's choosing.