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and 8:59 a.m., which corresponds with StatCan's commuting patterns; another 339 fatal collisions occurred between 3:00 and 5:59 p.m., the time we estimated that many people would be returning home from work.
We also completed a survey with StatCan between April and June of 2016, so that we could better understand the prevalence and nature of sexual misconduct and have a baseline from which to measure our performance and progress.
The StatCan homepage offers the latest figures for key social and economic indicators.
(4) Statistics Canada, Population Projections for Canada, Provinces and Territories 2009 to 2036 (2010) StatCan <> at 46.
Less seriously, even the Church of Jedi (of Star Wars fame) tried its best in 2001 to become a recognized religion, (7) but, unlike the other examples mentioned above, Statcan nixed the idea for fear of confidentiality breach.
Sign of an obvious demographic ageing, young people of less than 15 years, constitute 16.3 % of the population, compared to 17.8 % for New Brunswick and 19.1 % for Canada (StatCan 2006).
These websites can be accessed from the Statcan Internal Communication Network (ICN) by any employee of the organization.
They quiz their mothers about the abuse and the result is powerful, for it lays open the wounds--not just of the women, but of these children too.In Canada alone, more than 1 million families have experienced some form of domestic abuse in 2005, according to Statistics Canada (StatCan), a government agency.
If we express the 550 firm "guestimate" as a percentage of the StatCan total, it works out to 1.5 per cent of Northern Ontario firms being export-active.
StatCan, as it's informally known, is a $294-million behemoth that collects information on everything from health to demographics to crime to epidemiology.