StatcanStatistics Canada (Canadian government)
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Table 3 Bureau of Economic Analysis and Statistics Canada (Productivity Accounts) Depreciation Rates by Asset Type Depreciation Rate Asset StatCan Asset Classification Implicit Statistics Code BEA Canada 1 Office furniture, furnishing 0.
I think it reflects the substantial buildup of de facto unemployment and people becoming "consultants" rather than listing themselves as unemployed and therefore counted in the StatCan numbers.
During all 2012, total wind output was 8,744,707 MWh, 259,715 MWh from solar panels and 27,128 MWh from tidal power, out of a national total of 594,875,004 MWh, says StatCan.
Quotes are from Philippine Overseas Employment Administration 2009, statcan.
The longitudinal and other social surveys which were developed in the 1990s were not even thought of at that time, nor was there any StatCan survey on such important social topics as health or education after the short-lived Canada Health Survey in the 1970s.
This special volume of the Canadian Review of Sociology marks the 22nd year StatCan has released GSS data.