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SGDPState Gross Domestic Product (India)
SGDPSocial, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre (Institute of Psychiatry; King's College; London, UK)
SGDPSaccharomyces Genome Deletion Project
SGDPSame Gender Domestic Partner (Insurance)
SGDPSelf-Governance Demonstration Project (est. 1992; Indian Health Service; US DHHS)
SGDPSour Gas Development Plan (Oil and Gas)
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The January 2019 index is 2.3 percent above its reading from a year ago, consistent with ongoing real state gross domestic product growth over 2018.
This month's Regional Quarterly Report discusses advance real state gross domestic product (GDP) statistics for 2017, revised GDP statistics for 2014-2016 as well as regional price parities and real per capita personal income for 2016.
Agriculture land in rural Canyon County is becoming too expensive to farm.<br />That's a problem, because agriculture contributes $3 billion to Idaho's economy, making up 5 percent of the total state gross domestic product. In fact, Idaho ranks No.
The Terry College of Business study found that maritime trade amounts to $44 billion in state gross domestic product, or 8 percent of Georgias total GDP.
Fruit industry considered to be the mainstay of Kashmir economy contributes Rs 6,000 crore to State Gross Domestic Product.
Further, the increase would erode real personal income and diminish the state Gross Domestic Product, he warned.
In the past, this country, along with Iran and Iraq, was the main source of income for Macedonian construction companies which simultaneously helped greatly in building the state gross domestic product. The amount agreed for the works in this country is modest, only six million denars, of which 4.8 million are already realized.
Gujarat had highest annual state gross domestic product (SGDP) increase (10.13%) for all India states between 2004-05 and 2012-13, except Uttarakhand.
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had earlier announced that a move to raise the ceiling on states' fiscal deficits to 3.5 percent of their state gross domestic product should be extended into the new fiscal year 2009-10.
LAGOS State governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, on Monday said the major reforms being implemented in both judiciary and security sectors in the state were targeted at creating a sound pedestal for residents to be productive and in turn boost the state Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
$33.2 billion in state gross domestic product (7.2 percent of Georgias total GDP)
'We have conducted impact assessment for over 2,000 participants; we have conducted Needs Assessment Survey for the computation of state Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
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