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SOHSaviors of Humor (gaming clan)
SOHSignificant Other Half
SOHSpace on Hire (India)
SOHSaints of Hell
SOHSine is Opposite divided by Hypotenuse (trigonometry)
SOHSo Over Him/Her
SOHSepia Officinalis Hemocyanin
References in classic literature ?
Micawber is in a state of health which renders it not wholly improbable that an addition may be ultimately made to those pledges of affection which - in short, to the infantine group.
I entered the room again as soon as they had left it, and at once precipitated events by a reference of the alarming kind to "Miss Halcombe's" state of health.
"In Lord Holchester's critical state of health," she answered, "I decline to take the responsibility of telling him what you have just told me.
Louisa denied Tom's participation in the offence; but her mother stopped her with the conclusive answer, 'Louisa, don't tell me, in my state of health; for unless you had been encouraged, it is morally and physically impossible that you could have done it.'
However, she expressed herself very sorry to hear such a dismal account of her state of health, and shortly afterwards sat down with her grandfather and Mrs Jarley to breakfast.
Generally speaking, he appeared to be in a delicate state of health. His nervous system was out of order--he was at once timid and contradictory.
I have asked her if there is any cause, I not dare to ask her mother, for to disturb the poor lady's mind about her daughter in her present state of health would be fatal.
"The qualitative analysis give a quite normal condition, and shows, I should infer, in itself a vigorous state of health. In other physical matters I was quite satisfied that there is no need for anxiety, but as there must be a cause somewhere, I have come to the conclusion that it must be something mental.
"You shall have a notary, as you absolutely wish for one, sir," said Villefort; "but I shall explain to him your state of health, and make excuses for you, for the scene cannot fail of being a most ridiculous one."
We will have to improve the state of health, education and security in the country, or development will not be possible in the country," he added.
The sharp drop in Oklahoma's state of health stems from big increases in obesity rates and physical inactivity and flawed perspectives about required vaccinations.
But he is the President of this Republic, and he owes all Filipinos a full and accurate picture of his state of health. It's a touchy topic for the President, but the majority of Filipinos (61 percent or 6 out of 10, according to a Social Weather Stations survey released this month) believe that his state of health 'is a public matter, that is why the public should be informed of everything about this.'