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SPCSState Plane Coordinate System (geographic zones)
SPCSSt. Paul Catholic School (various locations)
SPCSState Plane Coordinate System
SPCSSchool of Professional and Continuing Studies (Northeastern University)
SPCSSocial Planning Council of Sudbury (Canada)
SPCSStony Plain Central School (Stony Plain, AB, Canada)
SPCSStatic Power Conversion Services, Inc. (UPS and battery systems manufacturer)
SPCSStored Program Controlled Switching System
SPCSSouthern Paintball Championship Series
SPCSSubsea Pipeline Commissioning System
SPCSSatellite Personal Communication System
SPCSSingle Payload Communication Satellite
SPCSService and Performance Checkout System
SPCSSprint Personal Communications Service
SPCSSenior Chief Steam Propulsionman (USN rating)
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Nebraska State Plane Coordinate System Datum Adjustment Computations Lambert Conformal System h.
Positional data for the outfalls are being collected in the New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System with submeter accuracy.
The first of these two systems - the State Plane Coordinate system - founded in the science of measurements and is intended to be used as a basis for the collection of earth science data and the preparation of earth science maps, such as topographic, geologic, soils, and hydrographic maps.
Horizontal Baseline Points to be referenced to the Louisiana State Plane Coordinate System and the Vertical Control Points to be referenced to the North American Vertical Datum 1988.
The PLSS is digitally integrated to the Arizona State Plane Coordinate System (NAD 1927).
All geospatial data shall be delivered in an ESRI-compatible Shapefile or file geodatabase in the Ohio North State Plane Coordinate System.
Digitized maps on CD, such as those available from ADC Maps (Alexandria, Virginia) can be used as a base map in a GIS, in a state plane coordinate system, which can be used to locate BMPs, as well as providing information about the surrounding communities, roads, and stream names as shown in Figure 5.
The map conversion project will involve the creation of a new city area base plat map in AutoCAD DWG format with a high level of accuracy and shall be referenced to the state plane coordinate system.
These plans would also be tied into the State Plane Coordinate System.
The photographs will be adjusted in reference to the state plane coordinate system that surveyors use.
These tax maps were used rather than the water district's own distribution system maps because the tax maps are based on the State Plane Coordinate System.
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